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I am able to move forward with my life and pursue dreams that weren’t possible. My volunteer attorney showed great concern for me. He showed outstanding legal representation. Thanks a bunch!

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Anne Arundel County Bankruptcy 16-0123233
Client/ single mother of 3 is seeking assistance with filing bankruptcy. Client has never filed before. She does not own any real property or land. Client’s total debt is estimated at $16.000.00. Her debt primarily consist of credit cards and judgments. She also has $3000 in student loans. Client has no IRS/State of MD tax problems, or child support/alimony obligations. She has been a MD resident for the past 34 years. To assist MVLS client 16-012323, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

Anne Arundel County Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure 16-0118915
Client is 68 years old and has a reverse mortgage through Reverse Mortgage Solutions. Client was behind on property taxes and the mortgage lender says they paid $7200.00-$7400.00 to cover client’s 2013-2015 taxes. She has no other liens on the property. Reverse Mortgage Solutions filed an Order to Docket with Preliminary Loss Mitigation Affidavit on June 3, 2016. No final loss mitigation affidavit has been filed yet. Client is seeking an attorney’s help to determine whether the amount they claim she must repay them is correct, and apply for any loss mitigation option she may be eligible to use.  To assist MVLS client 16-0118915, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Adult Guardianship 15-0115509
Client wants to obtain guardianship of her 86 year old disabled mother. Mother currently resides at Genesis Homewood Center and has been diagnosed with level 3 Alzheimer’s disease. No one is contesting.   To assist MVLS client 15-0115509, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Adoption 16-0124444
Client would like to adopt her cousin’s 6 year old child. Biological mother has been incarcerated since December 2014. Client is not sure if mother will consent to this adoption. Child has been in the care/custody of client for 5 years. Client currently has guardianship of child. Biological father is unknown and there is no father listed on the birth certificate. Child was born addicted to PCP. Child has both behavioral issues and mental disabilities and is being treated by Kennedy Krieger Institute. Mother’s incarceration is due to her drug abuse. Client states that mother has not gotten herself together and has not been very active in child’s life.  To assist MVLS client 16-0124444, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Deed Change 16-0123879
Client would like to remove her daughters name from the deed to her home in order to obtain a Reverse Mortgage. Client’s daughter is in agreement. To assist MVLS client 16-0123879, please contact Daria Pugh at dpugh@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Estate Administration 16-0123671
Client needs help with opening and administering her deceased husband’s estate. Husband passed away 5/5/16 without a Will. Husband had 3 children at the time of his death and has no assets, nor owned any property. To assist MVLS client 16-0123671, please contact Daria Pugh at dpugh@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City LLT/Security Deposit 16-0121717
Client needs help getting her security deposit returned after being illegally evicted. Client tried to handle the matter on her own but was unsuccessful. Client has a receipt showing she paid $400.00 for the security deposit. To assist MVLS client 16-0121717, please contact Daria Pugh at dpugh@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Name Change 16-0121020
(The Volunteer who accepts this case will have free access to an over the telephone translation service through Language Line Solutions.)
Spanish Speaking Client/mother wants to have her child’s last name spelled correctly on her birth certificate. Child is 1yrs old. Father’s name should also be corrected. The correct spelling of father’s name is on his passport.  To assist MVLS client 16-0121020, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure 16-0123583
Client is 79 years old and has a reverse mortgage from Champion. Champion paid her 2015-2016 property taxes, and client (with help from client’s daughter) made arrangements to repay through automatic withdrawals. Later, Champion insisted that payments be made by money order. Client attempted to pay and the payment was rejected, apparently due to an issue with her paperwork. Client received a Notice of Intent to Foreclose on August 2, 2016. The client received the Homeowner’s Tax Credit for 2015-2016, so it is possible that Champion overestimated the amount of property taxes to be paid and are now charging the client for the wrong amount. She is seeking an attorney to try and negotiate a repayment plan with Champion, and also needs someone to help her apply for this year’s Homeowner’s Tax Credit. To assist MVLS client 16-0123583, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Tax Sale 15-0113944
Client fell behind on her mortgage payment six months ago, when the mortgage payments increased from $188.13 to $325.00. Payments increased because her mortgage company paid her water bill in order to keep the home out of tax sale. Her current water bill is $2,193.67. Client is seeking attorney to help her apply for a modification or otherwise adjust the monthly payment, and advise her on how she can ensure the water bill doesn’t put her in tax sale again. To assist MVLS client 15-0113944, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore County Absolute Divorce 16-0121745
Victim of domestic violence needs help with filing for an Absolute Divorce. Parties were married on October 1, 2010 and have been separated since January 4, 2012. Parties have no minor children and no marital property. Parties separated in January 2012 after OP physically assaulted Client and she received a one year protective order. As of today Client hasn’t had any contact with OP since 2012 and hasn’t filed anything on her own. To assist MVLS client 16-0121745, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org

Baltimore County Bankruptcy 16-0123596
Elderly client seeks assistance with filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She has an estimated $4500.00 of credit card debt. Client owns one 1997 vehicle. She also owns a condominium assessed at $105,000 value ($85,000 mortgage balance). Client’s homeowner’s association has placed a lien against the property due to unpaid assessment fees. In 2013, the HOA let residents/members know that the property complex needed $5million of work and that each member would be responsible for a portion; the client’s portion was $21,200.00 which would be stretched out into payments of $252.00 per month over 7 years. Client’s only source of income is Social Security and she has several health complications, thus she spends a large portion of her income on medication and healthcare expenses. She cannot afford to keep up with mortgage payments, HOA condo fees, assessment fees, and her daily living expenses. Client would like to remain in her home. To assist MVLS client 16-0123596, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org

Baltimore County 16-0123580 Landlord/Tenant
Elderly client seeks assistance with retrieving her security deposit. Client receives housing subsidy. On 9/30/2015, client signed a lease contract and paid $259.00 security deposit. However, she did not receive the keys because the unit was in need of repairs prior to her moving in. On 12/2/15 Client wrote a letter to the apartment complex manager informing her that she had found an apartment somewhere else and would be moving into that unit on 12/19/15. Client received security deposit check in the amount of $259.87 which was deposited into her bank account on 2/12/16. Client received a letter dated 2/11/16 informing her that she owed market rent for the month of December in the amount of $535.00. Client only receives less than $900.00 per month Social Security income. She does not believe she should have to pay for a unit she never had possession of given that she never received the keys. To assist MVLS client 16-0123580, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org

Carroll County Bankruptcy 16-0118813
Client is seeking assistance with filing bankruptcy. Client has never filed bankruptcy before. He does not own any real property or land. His total debt is estimated at $24,000.00. Debt consist of student loans (in deferment), credit cards, judgments, & repossessions. His only source of income is veteran’s benefits. Client has not filed tax returns as his income is from veteran’s benefits, and does not have any child support or alimony obligations, or tax issues. Client has completed CCCS and gathered tax returns. To assist MVLS client 16-0118813, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

Cecil County Divorce 16-0116811
Client/ wife is seeking assistance with divorce. Parties were married 5/3/93 and have been separated since October 2015. Client says that OP was physically, emotionally and verbally abusive during marriage. Parties have no marital property or minor children from the marriage. Client says there are no pension or assets issues and she is not seeking alimony. Client only wants his name off her car. The car client has is titled in both parties name, as and the car loan. Neither party has filed. To assist MVLS client 16-0116811, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

St. Mary’s County Absolute Divorce 16-0122729
(Divorce Hearing on October 27, 2016 at 9:30am.)
Client with limited income needs help with an Absolute Divorce. Parties were married on September 22, 2007 and have been separated since September 15, 2014. OP filed a complaint for an Absolute Divorce on May 13, 2016. Parties have no children, no property and there was no DV during marriage. Client is seeking her name changed back to her maiden name, half of OP’s 401K, alimony and continued to be left on OP’s health insurance until December 31, 2016 due to upcoming surgery.

Wicomico County Visitation 16-0124294
(Hearing scheduled on October 31, 2016 at 9am.)
Client needs help with a visitation matter regarding her son age 1.5 years old. Parties were never married and there is no custody or visitation order in place. There has also been no CPS/DSS involvement. Child’s father/OP who is incarcerated filed a complaint for visitation on 7/12/16 and Client was served on 7/19/2016. OP was incarcerated before the child was born and won’t be released until 2023. For these reasons, Client has had physical custody of child since birth and OP has requested visits, phone calls and letters for informal visitation with minor. OP wants Client to bring the child to the correctional facility for visitations each month. Client feels visits to the correction facility aren’t in the best interest of minor because it’s difficult for him to sit still, stay quiet and she isn’t able to bring toys to entertain minor or snacks for when he gets hungry during visits. Client is willing to communicate with OP regarding minor bi-weekly via telephone, as long as the times are scheduled. To assist MVLS client 16-0124294, please contact LaKisha Overton at loverton@mvlslaw.org.

Wicomico County Breach of Lease/Unsafe Living Condition 16-0124095
Client needs help with a breach of lease matter due to unsafe living conditions. There is black mold in Clients apartment and she has only lived at property for 3 months. Since Client has lived in property, the black mold has negatively impacted her health (Client has provided a doctor’s letter). Client has tried to get help from OP for the overall mold problem for 2 months and hasn’t received any help. Client feels unsafe in her apartment and would like to nullify her lease with no financial penalty. Client would also like reimbursement of her rent and security deposit due to the damage to her health; as well as time and flexibility to pack and disinfect her property while looking for a new place. Client’s lease ends June 5, 2017. To assist MVLS client 16-0124095, please contact LaKisha Overton at loverton@mvlslaw.org.

Updated: September 26, 2016