1B4J Case Closure

MVLS is required to furnish to its grantors and the Court of Appeals information about closed pro-bono cases referred to attorneys in private practice. Your completion of this for, including the approximate number of hours spent and the result achieved, will help us comply with grant requirements and will ensure that you receive recognition for the services you performed.

1B4J Brief Advice Case Closure

Case closure Form for 1B4J clients.
  • This is the MVLS reference number and should look like 16-0117832
    Direct benefit (affirmative monetary awards - child support orders, unemployment compensation, public benefit award, security deposit return)
    Cost savings (debts reduced - bankruptcy debt discharge, collection judgement avoided, downward modification of support, tax relief)

If you have any questions please contact Chris Sweeney, the 1B4J coordinator at 443-451-4094 or email him at csweeney@mvlslaw.org.

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