40 Cases In 40 Years

Look at What You’ve Accomplished!

198 volunteers have taken 40 or more cases over the span of their commitment to volunteer with MVLS. Each month during our 40th year celebration, we will highlight a select number of volunteers on social media and through other monthly communications. 

April Volunteer Spotlight

David Cohen Esq.

Robert Cole Jr. Esq.

Natalie Collins Esq.

Lawrence Coppel Esq.

John Corderman Esq.

Steven Cox Esq.

Dawn Crawford Esq.

Patrick Cullen Esq.

Christopher Daniels Esq.

Marian D’Anna Esq.

Kenneth Davies Esq.

Jerome Deinlein Esq.

Gerardine Delambo Esq.

Nicholas DeLambo Esq.

Deborah Devan Esq


Volunteers, Share Your Hopes!

As we recognize key moments in our 40-year history, we also want to keep our eyes set on the future. As a volunteer, what will the next 10 years bring to civil legal services in Maryland?   

 What do you hope will be achieved in the next 10 years for Marylanders experiencing financial hardships?  What programs and or services do you predict will be game changers in civil legal services?  

 Participate in our 40th Anniversary campaign by sharing your hopes and predictions with us in the box below     


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You can share your name or remain anonymous if you prefer. Your comments could be shared on MVLS’s website, throughout our social media channels or in email campaigns. 


Interested in Volunteering?

Apply to Be A Volunteer

To learn more about becoming an MVLS volunteer, please contact Margaret Henn, Director of Program Management.

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