Affidavit Judgments Entered During Pandemic Reversed

MVLS is delighted to see that the District Court will vacate affidavit judgments entered while the Court is closed. This dates back to March 16, 2020. Maryland law allows for defendants to file late Notices of Intention to Defend when the defense has merit. Unrepresented defendants have difficulty navigating the process when they can go in person to file these defenses and have been even more confused while the courts are closed. MVLS, the Pro Bono Resource Center, Civil Justice, and Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC advocated for this change to protect the due process rights of defendants facing debt collection law suits. You can read the court’s statement here.

We’re grateful to the Court for making the right decision at a time of much financial hardship for many Marylanders. 

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