Annual Report

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service

2021 Annual Report

Our mission is to remove barriers to justice through free civil legal help, community engagement, and advocacy for equitable laws because we believe in justice for all.

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Community Impact

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    Cases placed & closed by volunteers & staff lawyers
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    Clients & immediate family members impacted
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    Volunteers provided legal & tax services
  • icon life ring
    People reached through community outreach events
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    New volunteers joined panel
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    Value of volunteer hours

Mission Moments

woman putting on a medical mask
MVLS Partners with Baltimore Health Corps for Community-Centered COVID Response

“This is some of the best work I’ve done in my career”  - Phillip Westry  In early 2020, Maryland Volunteer Read More

person looks over tax forms, calculator and computer
A Lifeline for Our Clients

While the IRS and Maryland Comptroller’s Office closed to the public for a substantial period in 2020 and 2021 because Read More

A row of brick row homes
An 11 Year Quest to Save a Home

"I had to fight to get the home in my name..." - Vivian Dunlap Vivian Dunlap has deep roots in Read More

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In the United States, only people charged with a criminal offense have a constitutional right to a lawyer.

There are no free public defenders for people who cannot afford a private attorney. This in spite of the fact that civil law governs some of our most basic human needs. And while the civil justice system touches all of us, it has an outsized role in the lives of people who have a low income, older adults, veterans, people with disabilities, and historically disinvested communities of color.

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Free legal help

The most critical factor to a successful outcome is having an attorney. People are nearly 3X as likely to succeed with representation vs. without. And in a recent legal aid study, more than half of clients who received civil legal help attributed increased stability more than a decade later to the assistance they received.

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Advocating for racial equality, equity, and fairness in the civil legal system.

We see first-hand that the legal system reinforces inequities and has an outsized negative impact on low income and Black and Brown communities. Our experience standing with clients in a courtroom translates into a responsibility to inform local and state lawmakers and the public discourse. MVLS has recently conducted advocacy around issues including ending tax sale, ensuring access to water, allowing people to seek criminal record expungement, and ensuring that Black legacy homeowners can transfer their homes to the next generation.

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Volunteer Stats

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    Attorneys and tax professionals on volunteer panel
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    Volunteer Hours
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    Young professionals in CAN (Community Action Network)
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    Mentors assisted volunteers
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    Amount low-income taxpayers saved in corrected tax liabilities, penalties, and interest
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    Volunteer trainings

Thank You to Our Volunteers, Mentors, and Trainers!

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“When you reach the end of your career, the lives you have changed and the people you help will be what matters. All attorneys should do pro bono work because of the lasting impact that using our legal knowledge, privilege, and experience can have on our community.”
Reba Letsa, MVLS Board of Trustees

MVLS partners with a skilled volunteer panel of attorneys, accountants, and enrolled agents to deliver full legal representation at no cost to ensure justice for Marylanders with limited means. See who provided vital legal support to MVLS clients this past fiscal year.

Thank you to our volunteers who took a case from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021. Volunteers (listed below) who have helped multiple clients have the total number of clients they assisted in parentheses. Thank you also to our wonderful mentors and training instructors for providing support to our volunteers.

Volunteers 2021

Jay Allan Abarbanel
Arnold J. Abraham
Lawrence Adashek (8)
Kathleen D. Adcock (16)
Christina M. Alfonsi (7)
Stanley Alpert
Robert D. Anbinder (2)
Jennifer A. Anderson
Terrence J. Artis
Keith H. Asher (2)
Leila Ashkeboussi
IV Ashton
Erik S. Atas (9)
Lesley Atkinson (2)
Yollette Atkinson (2)
John A. Austin
Lindsey M. Avedisian
Semoun A. Awad (17)
Kerby B. Baden (3)
Jeffrey E. Badger
Rebecca S. Bainum (6)
Susan D. Baker (14)
Sandra E. Baker
Samuel C. Baldwin (15)
Nathan D. Baney (2)
Tamal Banton (4)
Lisa Barkan
Zoa D. Barnes (2)
Scott Baron (2)
Benjamin J. Beatty (2)
Susan Bell
Catherine H. Bellinger
Owen C. Bement (3)
Joseph Bencivenga (2)
Nicholas E. Berger
Jan Berlage (2)
William R. Bernetich
Alan L. Billian
Jonathan M. Binstock (33)
Gregory F. Birney (2)
Andrei Blakely
Jay I. Block (4)
Alan Bloom (5)
Judith L. Bluefeld
Naana A. Boampong
Randall J. Borden (2)
Christina J. Bostick
Stephen M. Boyer
James Bragdon
Francina J. Brinker (8)
Kathy Brissette-Minus
Brennae Brooks (2)
Gary M. Brooks (2)
Mark R. Brown (2)
Douglas L. Burgess (9)
Jo Ann Camm (25)
Jhonell O. Campbell
MaryKay Canarte (3)
Michael Canet (6)
Larry Caplan (3)
Raymond Carignan (2)
Linda H. Carroll (8)
Danielle G. Casson (2)
Emmanuel E. Catalan
Alla D. Cates
Joseph Chukla
Jayne Chung
Thomas G. Coale
Ellen E. Cobb (2)
Robin R. Cockey
Kerri B. Cohen (3)
Gary L. Compton (7)
Laura Concannon (4)
John J. Condliffe
Christopher Conn (3)
Michael F. Connolly
Catherine M. Cook (39)
Geoffrey Cooke (8)
Katherine E. Cooney
Curtis B. Cooper (5)
Lawrence Coppel (21)
Caroline A. Covington (4)
Dawn Crawford (7)
Ashley Cullinan (6)
Mitzi E. Dailey (4)
Barry S. Dalin
Gregory E. Dash
Denisha D. Daughtry
Michelle S. Dauksha (11)
W. David Davenport (2)
Alisha O. De La Cruz (3)
Shadawn N. Deas (6)
Annette DeCesaris (3)
Nicholas J. Del Pizzo, III
Deborah H. Devan (60)
Michelle L.D. Dian (10)
Raymond Eugene DiBiagio
June W. Dillard
Michael L. Donahue (6)
Sharon Donahue
Christina M. Donald (6)
John H. Doud (5)
Tresa Fitch Drakeford
Emilie Claire Aracil Drasher (6)
Michael DuBey (3)
Joseph Dudek
Joseph C.A. Dugan (3)
Lynne M. Durbin (4)
Aretha Ector (2)
Rachel L. Eldringhoff
Susan Elgin
Karen J. Elliott (5)
Jetonne’ E. Ellis (2)
Leonard A. Englander (2)
Deborah Engram (4)
Carolyn W. Evans (9)
Spencer A. Evans (5)
James J. Fabian (2)
M. James Faison
Larry J. Feldman (5)
Visa R. Ferrell (13)
Darren Fields
Alan Fink (4)
Wendell Finner (4)
Elizabeth A. Fitch
Shari H. Fleming (26)
Domonique A. Flowers
Kimberly L. Foerster-Gilreath (4)
Brandon M. Ford
James S. Francomano
Amelia French
Glen E. Frost
Tracee Orlove Fruman
Crystal S. Gaines (2)
Shanitta N. Garey (3)
Edward S. Geldermann (5)
Thomas C. Gerahty (3)
Shomik L. Gibson (9)
Michele Gilman (4)
Justin M. Ginsburg
Joseph K. Githuku (14)
Donna M. Glover
Robert Glushakow (3)
Lydie E. Glynn (7)
Sally Gold (2)
Anne S. Gold-Rand (9)
Michael Y. Goldberg (2)
Donald S. Goldbloom (2)
Robert J. Goldman (5)
Robin Mark Goldman (2)
Allyson B. Goldscher
Robert T. Gonzales
Jessica M. Gorsky (9)
Joshua R. Gorsky (2)
Adrienne C. Greenberg (2)
Jeffrey S. Greenberg
Jose Zachary Canto Greenfield (5)
David M. Grossman (3)
Arlene Grove (6)
Stephanie L. Guevara (20)
Toby D. Hain (8)
Matthew S. Hall
Dontrice P. Hamilton (12)
James D. Handley (2)
Bradley Haney (6)
John C. Hanrahan
Constance M. Hare (15)
Nicole E. Harris-Crest (2)
Daniel Hatcher (15)
Peter Haukebo (2)
Michele F. Hayes
Franzella Hayward-Starkey (12)
Lawrence Heffner (4)
Andrew Hennessy-Strahs (4)
Ruthie A. Herman (13)
Mark Herman (4)
Charles J. Herring (10)
Victoria Heyliger (4)
Elena A. Heys
Adam Hiller
Chester H. Hobbs (9)
Sandra M. Holt
Renee E. Hood
Jonathan T. Hoover (5)
Jessica Den Houter
Kristine Howanski
Will Hudson
Lillian Hummel (10)
Ada E. Husten
Kathleen P. Hyland
Ima Ibidapo
Kamil Ismail
Leta M. Jackson (3)
Stacey E. Jackson
Sharon Jacob
Jennifer E. Jaimes (12)
Marie-Yves N. Jean-Baptiste (6)
Christine J. Jenkins
Elizabeth Hayley-Marie Johnson (16)
Lucrecia Patrice Johnson (4)
Michelle C. Johnson (2)
Cheryl A. Jones (12)
Rodney Jones (4)
Jennifer A. Jones (2)
Janelle Jordan (2)
Sarah Kahl
Jeffrey L. Kaplan
Jeannette Karpay
Mary T. Keating (6)
Victoria E. Kelly
Thomas John Kennedy (12)
Heidi Kenny
Mary Y. Kim
Weon G. Kim
Crispian D. Kirk (12)
Walter Kirkman
Diana L. Klein
Susan J. Klein
Myra A. Knowlton (2)
Jimi A. Kolawole (2)
Shannon L. Kowitz (12)
Wendy A. Kronmiller (10)
Kumudha Nadine Kumarachandran
Neveen H. Kurtom (2)
Eric Lamb (4)
Jonathan D. Lane (2)
Katherine Lawler
Phuc H. Le
Monique L. Lee (2)
LaRue G. Lennon (2)
Reba A. Letsa (22)
Jeffrey E. Letzkus
Edward J. Levin (3)
Alicia D. Lewis (3)
Vei-Chung Liang (17)
Jim Liang
Rebecca W. Lineberry
Michelle N. Lipkowitz
Robb A. Longman
Amy D. Lorenzini
Sara Y. Lucas
Dawn Luedtke
Mary Lundstedt
Kelly E. Lynch
Larry J. Macklin (24)
Kristen N. Magiros (7)
Christy Maier
Christine A. Malanga (3)
Michele A. Manculich (2)
Michael March (2)
Kyriakos Marudas (4)
Shila Mashhadishafie
Snehal P. Massey (5)
Douglas May (3)
Anthony J. May
Taylor M. McAuliffe (5)
Michael D. McClain (2)
Nicole K. McConlogue
Saul McCormick (4)
Kevin T. McCormick (3)
Kelly L. McCrea
William A. McDaniel, Jr.
Kathryn McDonough (2)
Tonet S. McDowell
Todd W. McGibney (8)
Sean G. McGuern (15)
Dana W. McKee
Michael J. McKeown (33)
M. Natalie McSherry
Verena Meiser (2)
Stephen A. Metz (2)
Melanie M. Mfume (2)
Sheereen E. Middleton (32)
Danielle M. Mikoy (19)
Nickole Miller (3)
Christian K. Miller
Gregory J. Milton (3)
Thomas J. Minton
William Monaghan (12)
Christopher N. Moran (3)
Jason Morton (4)
Joshua A. Moses
Steven B. Mudd (9)
Shavina K. Mukesh (2)
Thomas Mulinazzi (16)
Judith A. Myers
Michael R. Naccarato
Jeffrey Nesson
James J. Nolan, Jr. (14)
Jeffrey G. Oden (3)
James C. Olson (5)
Adetoro T. Olugbemi (8)
Marc A. Ominsky
Jeff Orenstein
Jessica T. Ornsby (8)
Eric R. Orr
Chelsea R. Ortega (58)
Emmanuel Osadebe
Allen J. Paltell
Lelia F. Parker
Arlette Peoples
J. Harrison Phillips
Ricardo L. Piereck
Robert L. Pierson
Thomas S. Pilkerton, III
Leslie A. Pladna
Steven C. Planzer
Robert Polack (2)
Pui Poon
Emily M. Poor (3)
Liza R. Porat
Edward M. Poretz (3)
Heather Posey (7)
Elizabeth Pugliese-Shaw (2)
Christopher Rahl (10)
Amy E. Rappole
Lawrence F. Regan, Jr.
Elizabeth V. Reinecke (4)
Scott J. Richman (6)
E. Hutchinson Robbins (7)
F. Robert Robert Bader
Ginger Robinson
John M. Robinson
Elizabeth Rojugbokan
George R. Roles (4)
Eric J. Rollinger
Donald Romano
Theresa A. Rosendale
William Rudow (5)
Darin Rumer (2)
Brooke Runk
Chelsea M. Sadler (3)
Joy Sakamoto-Wengel (24)
David L. Saltzman
Krystle L. Sanders
Jane Santoni (6)
Ralph Sapia
Sheldon S. Satisky
Jeffrey B. Schultz (4)
Samara Scott
William Selle (2)
Lindsay C. Sfekas
Marc E. Shach (3)
Dennis J. Shaffer
Hanna Sheehan
Heather M. Shek
Rebecca J. Sheppard (2)
Ann M. Sheridan (6)
Emmanuel O. Shodeinde (5)
John Sica (8)
Henry F. Sieradzki
Angela J. Silverstein
Lacie Simpson (2)
Kaitlan Skrainar
Erika F. Slater (3)
Stephanie M. Smith (6)
Elizabeth C. Smith (4)
Jasper B. Smith
Lashaun Smith
Samantha Smith
Mark O. Sobo
Celeste Sollod (2)
Carl D. Somerlock
Michael J. Sonnenfeld
Jayson A. Soobitsky (2)
Jane P. Sopher (9)
Imad Soubra
Adam M. Spence
Paul A. Stabile (3)
Daniel A. Staeven
A. Jean Steigleman
Eric S. Steiner
Richard Steinmetz
William F.. Steinwedel
Kim E. Stepanuk
Sheila J. Stewart (13)
Rue Stewart (2)
Joseph E. Stolz, Jr. (5)
Matheau W. Stout
Nickola N. Sybblis
Richard J. Tappan
Joshua A. Tarr (2)
Elva E. Tillman (24)
Muriel S. Tinkler (3)
Sandhya Tulshyan (5)
Emanwel J. Turnbull
Jennifer M. Turnbull
Phillip R. Turner
Frank E. Turney
Walter D. Ty (26)
Aaron Z. Uslan (6)
Tim R. VanCisin (3)
Laura Venezia
Larry F. Venturelli
Pietro Viti
Matthew T. Vocci (19)
Micah C. Wainwright
Doris G. Walker (2)
Irving E. Walker (2)
Beutrice H. Walker
John Warshawsky (3)
Randy Wase (2)
Kathryn R. Watson (3)
Scott Weiner (5)
Brett Weiss (4)
Edward L. Wender (13)
Cheri P. Wendt-Taczak (2)
Diane E. Wessel
Raquel White
Justin A. Williams (2)
D’Sean L. Williams-Brown (5)
Juanita Wills (10)
Matthew Wilshire (2)
Kayla L. Wilson (3)
Antonia Wilson
Luciana Wilson
Wynde Juliet Winston (2)
Catherine Wright
Charles E. Yankovich (3)
Jennifer S. Yeagle (2)
K. Alice Young (3)
Edward Zamarin (3)
Krishan Zaveri (3)
A. David Zerivitz (2)
Richard Zeskind (2)
Marla Zide

Mentors 2021

Richard L. Adams, III
Robert D. Anbinder
Semoun A. Awad
Samuel C. Baldwin
Jan Berlage
Francina Jo Brinker
Jo Ann Camm
David W. Cohen
Mary Malloy Dimaio
Lynne M. Durbin
Edwin G. Fee
Alan Fink
Shari H. Fleming
Lydie E. Glynn
Laurie Hansen
Daniel S. Heller
Elizabeth Hayley-Marie Johnson
Cheryl A. Jones
Stephen P. Kauffman
Shannon L. Kowitz
Phuc H. Le
Lauren M. Macari
Michael March
Darren Margolis
Kyriakos Marudas
Christopher N. Moran
Thomas Mulinazzi
Christopher Rahl
Ginger Robinson
Rebecca J. Sheppard
Aaron Z. Uslan
Thomas C. Valkenet
Matthew T. Vocci
Cheri P. Wendt-Taczak
Jennifer S. Yeagle
Edward Zamarin

Trainers 2021

Mary Aquino
Jedd Bellman
Cornelia Bright-Gordon
Robin Cardella
Vednita Carter
Diane Cipollone
Dean Collura
Gary Compton
Kate D’Adamo
Andrea Dodrill
Melinda Dunmire
Jessica Emerson
David Godfrey
Rajani Gudlavalleti
Allison Harris
Peter Haukebo
Jerry Kelly
Jim Leith
Michael March
Andrew Marshall
Andrew “Jay” Maschas
Shamere McKensie
Alejandra Morisi
Brandi Neiland
Owen O’Keefe
Jacob M. Ouslander
Heather Posey
Phillip Robinson
Eric Rollinger
Rebecca Sheppard
Harriet Smith
Bill Steinwedel
Karen Wabeke
Kiernan Waters
Cheri Wendt-Taczak
Michele Zavos

Thank You to Our Supporters!

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“You gave me a chance to start over.”
Cynthia S., MVLS Client

MVLS is grateful to the donors, firms, corporations, agencies, and foundations who have supported MVLS over the past fiscal year. With their support, Maryland families had access to free civil legal aid and help when they needed it the most. On behalf of our board of directors, clients, volunteers, and staff we extend our deepest gratitude to the individuals, law firms, corporations, agencies, and foundations that invested in our work between July 1, 2020- June 30, 2021.

Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If we have inadvertently omitted your name or listed it incorrectly, please accept our apologies and notify us of the error by email or 443-451-4065.

*Denotes a Champion for Justice donor who generously sustains MVLS through monthly gifts.

Donors $2,500+

$100,000 +

The Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Charitable Foundation
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Maryland Department of Human Services
Maryland Legal Services Corporation
$50,000 +
The Abell Foundation
Administrative Office of the Courts
Baltimore Civic Fund
Equal Justice Works
Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention of Maryland
Hoffberger Family Philanthropies
Internal Revenue Service
Maryland Department of Labor
University of Baltimore, School of Law

$10,000 +

American College of Bankruptcy
Baker Donelson
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The Fund for Change, Inc.
John J. Leidy Foundation, Inc.
Shawn and Jennifer Joseph
LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust
Miles & Stockbridge, P.C.
PNC Foundation
Reval Foundation, Inc.
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Schochor, Federico and Staton, P.A.
Truist Foundation
The Venable Foundation
The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund

$5,000 +

Dorney-Koppel Foundation, Inc.
Cecil E. Flamer
Gallagher Evelius & Jones LLP
Goodell DeVries
Gordon Feinblatt LLC
Lawrence J. Keen III
Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP
Kramon & Graham, P.A.
Miles White Beneficial Society of Baltimore City
Mary Jo Putney Inc.
Royston, Mueller, McLean & Reid, LLP
Wells Fargo Bank

$2,500 +

George and Christine Bachrach
Baldwin-Seraina, LLC
Ballard Spahr LLP
Bankruptcy Bar Association of MD
Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP
Frost Law
Rich and Felicia Hulit
Iliff, Meredith, Wildberger & Brennan PC
Law Office of Laurie M. Wasserman LLC
The M&T Charitable Foundation
Maryland Bar Foundation
Craig B. and Paula Krahn Merkle
Charles S. Hirsch and Mary D. Miller
Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company
Nelson Mullins
Daniel Schmitt*
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston L.L.P.

Donors $1,000+

Anonymous (2)
Anthony P. Ashton
Association of Corporate Counsel – Baltimore
Kerby Baden
Baxter Baker
Bekman, Marder, Hopper, Malarkey & Perlin, LLC
Alan L. Billian, P.A.
Blades & Rosenfeld, P.A.
Bruce D. Block
Bodie, Attorneys at Law
Scott C. Borison
Nicolle Bougas
Cathy Brennan
Stephan Y. Brennan
Robert S. Brennen
Matthew M. Bryant
Jhonell Campbell
CFG Community Bank
Michael S. Clevenger
Cole Schotz P.C.
Catherine Cook
Coon & Cole, LLC
Lawrence D. Coppel
Richard Costella
Tom Cullen Jr.
Lucy Donahue
Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Kohler LLC
Namha Edwards
Ellin & Tucker
Ramona D. Elliott
Lois Blum Feinblatt
Jonathan M. Genn
Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn
Karen E. H. Gouline
Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates
Robert N. Grossbart
Grossbart, Portney & Rosenberg, P.A.
Hoffman, Comfort, Offutt, Scott & Halstad, LLP
Hogan Lovells US LLP
S. Craig Holden
Benno and Elayne Hurwitz Family Foundation
Elizabeth J. Huttar
Hyatt & Weber, P.A.
Stephen Immelt
Kamil Ismail
David Jaros*
Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, PA
Martha Lessman Katz
The Law Offices of Frank F. Daily
The Law Offices of Julie Ellen Landau
Law Offices of Kathleen Cahill, LLC
Law Offices of Kerri Cohen, LLC
Reba Letsa
Michelle N. Lipkowitz
Michael J. March Jr.
Maryland Association for Justice Foundation, Inc.
Maryland Society of Accounting & Tax Professionals
Amy M. McClain
Kathleen McDermott
McGuireWoods LLP
Dana W. McKee
Kathleen Howard Meredith
Penny J. Minna*
Tom and Cindi Monahan
Alexandria K. Montanio
Marybeth and Chris Moran
Charles and Paddy Morton
Mudd, Harrison & Burch, LLP
Mutual of America
Peroutka, Miller, Klima & Peters, P.A.
Pike & Gilliss, LLC
Hon. Stephanie P. Porter
Patrick J. and Stasia S. Reynolds
Valerie and Hutch Robbins
Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP
Derek P. Roussillon
Jerry Schaefer
Neil J. Schechter
Martin H. Schreiber II
The SECU MD Foundation
Dennis J. Shaffer
Shapiro Sher
Shawe Rosenthal, LLP
Allison B. Shealy*
Mark Shelnitz
Shulman Rogers
Silverman Thompson
Hon. Carol E. Smith
Norman L. Smith
David G. Sommer
Kerry D. Staton
Margaret Costella and Russell Strickland
Peter A. Susser
T. Rowe Price
Dr. Jordan Nahas-Vigon and Jamie Tansey
Sanford Teplitzky
The Hirschel Group, P.C.
Aileen M. Tinney
Henry D. Kahn and Marlene Trestman
Wais, Vogelstein, Forman & Offutt, LLC
Darryl L. Webster
Steven J. Weisel
Wharton, Levin, Ehrmantraut & Klein, P.A
Roger Winston
Gary and Sharon Zimmers
Zuckerman Spaeder LLP

Donors $500+

Hon. Karen Abrams
Anonymous (6)
Edward J. Baines
Richard M. Barnes
Howard Barr
Michael and Mary Baxter
Leonard N. Bebchick
Paul D. Bekman
Courtney A. Blair
The Bonnie J. Beavan and David A. Bluemke Fund
Winnie and Neal Borden
Linda Botek
James C. Brennan
L. Tracy Brown
Sandra T. Brushart
Barry Buchman
Mary Catherine Bunting
Hon. J. Norris and Ginny Byrnes
Patrick K. Cameron
Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company
Deborah Diehl and Jonathan Claiborne
Vincent Colatriano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Cole Jr.
Harriet E. Cooperman
Ken Davies
Ralph M. Nitkin and Camilla E. Day
M. Gregg Diamond
Ann M. Sheridan and James E. Dickerman
Andrea Dodrill
James Dolan
Matt Downs
Lynne M. Durbin
Janet Fedder
Fedder and Garten, P.A.
David J. Federbush
Ferguson, Schetelich & Ballew, P.A.
Michael E. Field
Joseph K. Githuku
Sandra P. Gohn
Sally B. Gold
Louisa H. Goldstein
Lawrence S. Greenwald
Terri M. Guarnaccia
David Haile
Halle Family Foundation
Elizabeth and William Henn
Martin S. Himeles Jr.
Olivia Holcombe-Volke*
Howard Bank
Hylton & Gonzales, LLC
Jim Johnson
Peter E. Keith
Leonard J. Kennedy
Thomas J. Kenney Jr.
Alison D. Kohler
The Kovars-Swanson Family Charitable Gift Fund
Joseph H. Langhirt
Trudy Bartel and Jon Laria
Lucy Robins and Kevin Larrowe
Lerch Early Brewer
Joseph and Ilene Liberman
Brendan Lough
Thomas Lynch III
Catherine McCabe and Kevin McAnaney
Sherrilyn McCullin
Lisa J. McGrath
Ann Teaff and Donald P. McPherson III
M. Natalie McSherry
Alan J. Mogol
William J. Murphy
Kip J. Naugle
Paul S. Novak
Lee and Marilyn Ogburn
Susan T. Preston
Prostatis Financial Advisors Group, LLC
Christopher and Elizabeth Rahl
George K. Reynolds III
J. Paul Rieger Jr.
Susan M. Ringler
Jonathan Rivlin
George Roche
Cynthia E. Rodgers-Waire
Dorene Rothmann
Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC
Saul A. Ehrenpreis and Serra J. Schlanger
Brooke Schumm III
Michael P. Smith
Karen and Craig Sterner
Paul S. Sugar
Bonnie A. Sullivan*
Thomas, Ronald, Cooper & Krumpe, P.A.
Steuart H. Thomsen
Raymond G. Truitt and Mary K. Tilghman
Elva E. Tillman
Stephen Toomey
Judith Waranch
Christopher R. West
Hon. Pamela J. White
Jefferson V. Wright
Natalie F. Zaidman

Donors $250+

Advance Business Systems
Burton Amernick
Anonymous (14)
Association of Maryland Pilots
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Bahr
Cynthia Spell and Andrew Baida
Robert R. and Dorothy D. Bair
Stanley W. Balis
Margaret S. Bass
Michael and Rebecca Beattie
Dianne K. Beauchamp
Anne-Therese Bechamps*
David Victor and Naomi Isaacson Becker Charitable Fund
Benjamin Klubes and Risa Bender
David L. Bennett
Cynthia A. Berman
Wilbur W. Bolton
Lynn B. Sassin and Hon. Nathan Braverman
Charles J. Brown, III
Francis and Yolanda Bruno Family
Henry and Sara Burden
Hon. Cynthia Callahan
Maureen T. Cannon
Jose Z. Canto*
Steven M. Caplan
Meghan K. Casey
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