August 2017 – Kia Chandler

Kia Chandler of the Chandler Law Firm was chosen as the MVLS August Volunteer of the Month due to her incredible dedication to her clients. Kia has provided an immense amount of support with foreclosure cases over the past few years. She has taken on some of the most difficult foreclosure cases we’ve seen and handled them with great tact and professionalism. When she isn’t taking on cases herself, Kia has provided mentorship to attorneys who are new to the legal areas she has experience with. For one case in particular, Kia donated more than 100 hours of her time to ensure this client received the legal help they required. Just this past week, Kia took on an unexpected case where she was able to prevent a client’s home being foreclosed on. MVLS could not truly provide justice for all without the help of hardworking attorneys like Kia.

We were able to ask Kia a few questions about her experience as an MVLS volunteer.

1. Why do you choose to volunteer with MVLS? Currently, most of my volunteer work with MVLS is in the area of foreclosure and/or tax liens. Simply put, I do the work because the need is great. It is a gratifying feeling when you know a homeowner doesn’t have anywhere else to go and you are able to keep them in their home. At the same time, it is heartbreaking when you see cases where the homeowner loses their home and you know if they only had assistance earlier in the process, that might not have been the case.

2. Do you have any stand out stories? In thinking about why attorneys are so needed to volunteer for these types of cases, a particular case comes to mind. When that case came to me, the foreclosure sale date was set within days, meaning there was a good chance that we would not be able to help. At first glance, it appeared that there was no way of stopping the sale date, as not even a bankruptcy filing appeared to be an option for this client. In digging through the client’s files and emails with the Servicer’s attorney, it appeared that a complete modification package had been submitted months ago, yet no decision one way or another had been made.

Instead, the client was getting the run around as many of these clients do, and was now being asked to start the process all over. The Servicer would not accept documentation because a sale date was set. I called and emailed opposing counsel and referenced his own emails which confirmed that a complete modification package had been submitted and there was nothing further to be submitted. I received a call back from the attorney that day indicating that they would look into the matter as to why no determination was given, and that no sale would be taking place at this time. This is only the beginning of this particular case. Had the client not gotten legal assistance, it is likely the Servicer would have tried to continue with a sale and the homeowner would have then had to fight to get it back after the fact.

3. What is your favorite part about volunteering with MVLS? Helping a client achieve their desired outcome, whether it is helping them stay in their home or not.

4. Why should other attorneys do pro bono? The need is great and in many cases, an attorney’s involvement can make all the difference.

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