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I am able to move forward with my life and pursue dreams that weren’t possible. My volunteer attorney showed great concern for me. He showed outstanding legal representation. Thanks a bunch!

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Baltimore City Adoption 16-0126101 Client is seeking to adopt his wife’s 9 year old daughter. Client has been helping his wife take care of child for past 5 years and says child is affected by not having same last name as rest of family. Bio-father only sees or calls the child once every 3-4 months and usually client and/or wife has had to initiate.  Child’s father does not help support child, and is unable to pay child support. Client states that bio-dad has agreed to the adoption and asks to do a post-adoption agreement to state that he will still be allowed to see the child and have her keep a relationship with his family. All parties agree with this. Bio-dad resides in MD. To assist MVLS client 16-0126101, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Adult Guardianship 16-0126339 Father/client wants to obtain adult guardianship of his disabled son, age 29 years old. Son suffers from a traumatic brain injury due to a gunshot wound and is unable to take care of his own affairs. Son is married but separated from his wife. Client does not believe this will be contested.  To assist MVLS client 16-0126339, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Bankruptcy 16-0124619 Client is seeking to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Client is also being sued by former landlord for $6541.58. Client is employed. Client owes $2100 in student loans and owes approximately $2000 to other creditors. Client does not own any property and is current on tax filings. To assist MVLS client 16-0124619, please contact Daria Pugh at dpugh@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Deed Change 17-0127249 Client is seeking help with removing her ex-husband's name from the deed. Client states that ex-husband will not contest. Client needs to have his name removed to qualify for a housing repair program.  Client also needs help preparing a will. To assist MVLS client 17-0127249, please contact Daria Pugh at dpugh@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Tax Sale 16-0118693 Client is a single mother with three children living on an income of less than $1000 per month. She owns her home, and does not have a mortgage. Client is behind on her property taxes and also has a high water bill and environmental lien. She also has a water shutoff notice for March 14, 2016, but the water has not been shut off yet. Client qualifies for the Homeowners and Homestead tax credit, as well as various water discounts, but has not applied for them yet. Client is seeking assistance in addressing her water bill, specifically to request a leak check and informal conference with the City, and help exploring her options to pay her bills and keep the home.  To assist MVLS client 16-0118693, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore County Contract /Collections 17-0127155 Client/single mother of 3 is seeking help with a collection case. The client is being sued by Prestige Financial services for roughly 19k. The client explained that the lawsuit stems from a car accident that happened in January 2016. Her car was totaled in the accident while being driven by an uninsured driver. The car insurance she had did not pay nor did the gap insurance and now client is being held responsible for the balance on the car. The client would like to reach an agreement with OP to avoid having her wages garnished. Client hopes that an attorney can negotiate a manageable arrangement on her behalf. No court dates have been set. To assist MVLS client 17-0127155, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore County Tax Controversy 16-0125766 Forty one year old Bhutanese immigrant with English proficiency (he worked as an interpreter) with tax debt to MD Comptroller totaling ~$6K over years 2013, 2014 and 2015. Client was recently assessed deficiency due to audit in which schedule C was removed for insufficient documentation, and itemized deductions were reduced. Client currently works as an Uber driver, and his wife works 2 full-time jobs to support their 2 children.  To assist MVLS client 17-0127155, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org.

Calvert County Bankruptcy Bypass 16-0120447 MVLS is searching for a Bankruptcy attorney to review this Disabled Senior Clients file and to advise the MVLS staff if the Client qualifies for Bankruptcy Bypass. If so, the MVLS Staff Attorney will accept the case and contact the creditors. If the Client does not qualify for Bankruptcy Bypass, you can either accept the case or send it back to MVLS for placement with another volunteer. Client does not own a home or any other property. Client’s debts are mostly from a business which failed 3 years ago. Prior to his business failing, he received help from a Credit Management Company. Unfortunately, due to his business failing and reduced income, he was no longer able to utilize their services. His only income is SSI and his debts total approximately $86,181.00. To assist MVLS client 16-0120447, please contact LaKisha Overton at loverton@mvlslaw.org.

Carroll County Bankruptcy 16-0118813 Client is seeking assistance with filing bankruptcy. Client has never filed bankruptcy before. He does not own any real property or land. His total debt is estimated at $24,000.00. Debt consist of student loans (in deferment), credit cards, judgments, & repossessions. His only source of income is veteran's benefits. Client has not filed tax returns as his income is from veteran's benefits, and does not have any child support or alimony obligations, or tax issues. Client has completed CCCS and gathered tax returns.  To assist MVLS client 16-0118813, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

Howard County Custody 16-0125955 (Custody Hearing March 3, 3017 at 1pm) Client/mother has a pending custody matter involving parties’ minor child, age 3 years old. Child has special needs. Parties were never married. Client filed for sole physical/legal custody with no visitation due to father’s unstable lifestyle; father has refused supervised visitation. There are no active protective orders in place against either party; however, there is a protective order against paternal grandmother after CPS was involved due to abuse by grandmother. The final protective order does not expire until August 2017. Father resides with paternal grandmother. Client was advised to seek custody. Client is unsure as to what custody/visitation father wants. Client had to file for child support for purposes of receiving food stamps which is her only source of income or financial assistance. To assist MVLS client 16-0125955, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

Wicomico County Foreclosure 16-0126015 Client is a veteran over the age of 60. He and his wife fell behind on the mortgage in 2012, when he was no longer able to work. They were working with their lender to catch up, but then client's wife passed away in April of 2015. Since then, he has not been able to make the mortgage payment of $495 on his own. His brother moved in, and the combined household income is now about $2000 a month, consisting of the client's and brother's Social Security benefits. Client states he applied for loss mitigation in 2015 but never received an answer. He has previously worked with a housing counselor. Bank of America filed an Order to Docket on October 13, 2016, with a Preliminary Loss Mitigation Affidavit. Court papers show the total amount owed was $75,329.41 at the time of filing; the SDAT value of the home is under $40,000. Client is seeking an attorney to represent him in the foreclosure, and to review his prior attempts at loss mitigation, to investigate whether his applications were handled correctly.  To assist MVLS client 16-0126015, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.  

Updated: February 27, 2017
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