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Anne Arundel County Collections/LLT 16-0117294
(Trial on November 21, 2017 at 1:15pm)
Unemployed Single mother seeks help with a breach of lease matter and obtaining her security deposit. Client moved from property the middle of December 2015. Clients’ portion of the rent along with section 8’s portion was paid through December 2015. Client gave notice to landlord in June 2015 that she was moving. Client wasn’t able to find something until around October 2015 and was told by OP that she would need to go on a month to month lease. Landlord did a walkthrough and was told that there were no damages. Client moved out the middle of December 2015 and received a letter from OP in February 2015 saying she owes $2930.81 for breaching her lease. Client’s rent amount was $1304.00 and her portion to pay $122.00. Section 8 voucher paid the difference.  To assist MVLS client 16-0117294, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Custody 17-0130711
Client/mother wants full physical and legal custody of parties’ 3 year old daughter. There is currently a custody order in place allowing the child’s father to have physical custody, he sees her three weekends per month. Client is concerned about her child’s safety because the father lives with several other people and he leaves the child with them and goes out. Client states that in the past she had gone to pick up her daughter and found her with a soiled diaper. She believes that her father does not watch her when she is at his house. Nothing has been filed.  To assist MVLS client 17-0130711, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Custody Modification 17-0130473
(Domestic Civil Trial on December 18, 2017 at 2pm.)
Client needs representation for a custody modification. Parties were married and divorced in 2006. Father was granted sole physical/legal custody of parties’ three minor children, ages 13 years’ old and 12 year old twins. They currently reside in St. Mary’s County and father is considering relocating to California. Client would like to modify and is seeking primary physical and shared legal custody. She believes that father will contest, seeking for the current order to stay in place with supervised and/or limited visitation. Client states that CPS was involved years ago; however, there were no findings in the investigations in New York or Baltimore City. She states that somehow NY CPS findings were in evidence during the divorce hearing. She states that her children’s therapist and court’s medical office contacted CPS in 2015 and in 2016. Client states that she has been alienated from her children and their father continues to refuse  access to them. To assist MVLS client 17-0130473, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Contract 17-0131734
(Trial on October 10, 2017 at 1:15pm.)
Client is being sued by his former Landlord for $847.56 plus interest 62.81 and attorney’s fees of $127.13. Client leased the premises in June 30, 2009, automatically renewable for like term for the monthly rent of $700.00. Plaintiff alleges that client breached said lease by vacating the premises on or about October 16, 2009 and failed and refused to continue to pay said rent in the amount of $0.00. Plaintiff is claiming damages pursuant to the terms of the lease in the amount $847.56 less security deposit of $721.00. To assist MVLS client 17-0131734, please contact Rebecca Winchell at rwinchell@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Tort 17-0129757
(Trial Date on September 20, 2017 at 8:30am)
Client is being sued for $19,257.32 by GEICO as a result of a vehicle accident. Client was driving his grandmother’s vehicle when he got into accident, but was specifically excluded as a driver on her insurance policy. Client states that there are several discrepancies in the information stated on the records from the accident. The police report and ambulance records state that client was picked up from two separate locations; client says the police report states wrong location and the diagram of the accident is incorrect. The police report alleges that client was at fault and cut other driver off before being hit, but client says the photos he has from the accident indicate otherwise. Client was injured. There was a passenger in the other driver’s car and that person was also injured. Client did have a witness, but is no longer in contact with her. To assist MVLS client 17-0129757, please contact Rebecca Winchell at rwinchell@mvlslaw.org.

 Baltimore City Tax Controversy 17-0130389
Client who is 50 years old, needs help with outstanding tax debts. Client owes the IRS $1350.00 for Tax Year 2011 and owes $4085.00 to the State of Maryland for Tax Years and 2010 and 2011. Client was involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident at the time, and was not able to pay his taxes. To assist MVLS client 17-0130389, please contact Rebecca Winchell at rwinchell@mvlslaw.org.         

Baltimore City Tax Sale 17-0129335
Client is 75 years old, and went to tax sale this spring because of her high water bill. She states that there had been a leak in the property, but that the leak was repaired. Client did not receive an adjustment on the high usage due to the leak, and it is unclear whether they requested an adjustment in writing. Client receives the senior water discount and hardship exemption. Client needs assistance addressing the water bill and redeeming the tax sale.  To assist MVLS client 17-0129335, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore County LL/T Return of Security Deposit 17-0131787
Client is seeking the return of her security deposit. Client lived at the property for three years. She paid $1195.00 security deposit; she moved out on June 6, 2017. Landlord was paid Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership’s portion of the rent in June and states that May’s rent of $423.00 was not received. Client states that she paid May’s rent and contacted Global Express (money order co.) regarding the money order and an investigation is being conducted at this time. She does not have the money order receipt but has a picture in her cell phone. Landlord is refusing to return the deposit due to his allegation of non-payment of rent.  To assist MVLS client 17-0131787, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org.

Calvert County Name Change 17-0129292
Client/mother is seeking to have child’s birth certificate & last name changed. Child is 10 months. Client states paternity test established that the father listed, is not father.  She would like name changed to match her last name. To assist MVLS client 17-0129292, please contact LaKisha Overton at loverton@mvlslaw.org.

 Carroll County Bankruptcy 17-0130341
Self-employed client with limited income and a hold on his bank account, needs help with filing Bankruptcy. Client does not own any real property or land, however; he currently has a vehicle that he is financing.  Client has never filed bankruptcy before and has lived in Maryland for 37 years. He has no alimony or child support obligations and no student loans. Client is current on his tax filings. Client’s outstanding debts are estimated at $16.000.00. To assist MVLS client 17-0130341, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

 Cecil County Name Change 17-0129756
Client wants to add her last name as a hyphenated name to her 11year old son’s name on his birth certificate. There is a history of DV between client and child’s father. To assist MVLS client 17-0129756, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

 Harford County Mortgage Foreclosure 17-0130449
Client is a disabled veteran, and receives veteran’s benefits due to her disability. She fell behind on her mortgage loan in March 2017. She last made a payment in April. She has tried working with her servicer, CitiMortgage, to apply for VA loss mitigation options, but her representative has cancelled calls, and has been generally un-reachable. Client received a Notice of Intent to Foreclose on May 3, 2017. No court case has been filed yet, but she received a letter from CitiMortgage on July 5th extending an offer for short sale, but denying her request for a modification because “the current status of [her] loan does not meet program delinquency requirements.” Client would like to keep the home if possible, and is seeking an attorney to consult with on the issue. To assist MVLS client 17-0130449, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.

Updated: September 20, 2017

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