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Ready to take a pro bono case?  Below are a few available cases.  Don’t see one that’s a good fit for you? Contact Michelle Swift at mswift@mvlslaw.org and she’ll find you a case that matches your case type and geographic preferences.

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Baltimore City Adult Guardianship 17-0129130
Elderly client seeks help with obtaining guardianship of her adult disabled daughter, who has Downs Syndrome. Client is her daughter’s primary care taker and needs guardianship so that she can be an advocate and make decisions for her. Client is able to have her daughter’s doctor attest to her disabilities and need for a guardian. Daughter receives services from DDA and there are no family members who would contest Client obtaining guardianship. Client does not have any criminal convictions.  To assist MVLS client 17-0129130, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Custody 17-0131851
Father/client needs representation for a custody matter involving parties’ three minor children, ages 13, 12, and 10 years old. Client wants to establish a formal custody arrangement. He is open to shared physical and legal custody. Currently, his daughter (13) lives with him; however, he has had trouble gaining access to parties’ sons; mother denies him visitation. Client states that the children’s mother’s new husband treats the children poorly, even resulting in the mother calling the police on him. For these reasons, daughter lives with client. Nothing has been filed.  To assist MVLS client 17-0131851, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Tax Controversy 17-0130389
Client has outstanding tax debt to IRS from 2011 of $1350.00 and to MD totaling $4085.00 from 2010 and 2011. Client was involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident at the time, and was not able to pay his taxes.  To assist MVLS client 17-0130389, please contact Rebecca Winchell at rwinchell@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Tax Controversy 17-0131662
A 36 year old participant in job training program with MD debt of $4999.00 needs legal help. Client states that he had received a refund in 2008, was audited and assessed a deficiency of $1200.00. However, he became incarcerated in the interim and was unable to make payments. He currently is on an installment plan of $66.00 per month, but would like to reduce the overall amount if possible.  To assist MVLS client 17-0131662, please contact Rebecca Winchell at rwinchell@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore City Tax Sale 17-0132796
Client is disabled after experiencing a traumatic brain injury. She received the Homeowner’s Tax Credit in past years, but went to tax sale this year because she was not able to complete and turn in the tax credit form. Client states that she did not receive the renewal application from SDAT like she did in past years. She was able to work with a housing counselor to have Capital One, her HELOC lender, pay the taxes. Client and her counselor are now working with Capital One on a repayment plan. There is no mortgage on the property, only the HELOC. Client is seeking assistance to try and apply retroactively for the Homeowner’s Tax Credit based on her disability. She understands that the request may be rejected, but still wishes to try, as her disability does not allow her to work and paying off the amount she now owes to Capital One will be quite difficult without a retroactive refund.  To assist MVLS client 17-0132796, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.

 Baltimore County Absolute Divorce 17-0131761
Client is seeking help filing for an Absolute Divorce. Client and OP/husband were married on June 22, 2008 and have been separated since March of 2016. There are no minor children of the marriage & no real property. OP is employed and Client is seeking alimony if she’s eligible for it. As well as Client does not know OP’s address. As of today, neither party has filed for Divorce.  To assist MVLS client 17-0131761, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org.

 Baltimore County Contract 17-0129158
Client hired a moving company/OP to move her belongings from her old place into her new place, paying them $2000.00 to complete the job. The movers did not pack or handle her things properly, which resulted in several of her items being broken or damaged in the move. Client also claims some silver pieces she owned are now missing, and believes the movers stole it. Client was advised by Maryland Legal Aid on filing a police report concerning the missing silver, but client wants to try to recoup some of her money back for the way they handled her valuables. With Legal Aid’s assistance, Client sent a demand letter requesting a refund from the movers. They contacted her and told her that not only are they not going to refund her money, but claim that she owes another $500. Nothing has yet been filed by client or OP. To assist MVLS client 17-012958, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org.

 Baltimore County Tax Controversy 17-0129987
64-year-old physically disabled caretaker for her mentally disabled cousin owes outstanding tax debt to IRS of $6133 from years 2003, 2007, 2008, and 2015. Client also has outstanding debt to MD of $13,000.00 for years 1991, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007. These tax debts arose when client first became disabled and she was unable to pay consistent attention to her financial situation. To assist MVLS client 17-0129987, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org.

Carroll County Bankruptcy 17-0130341
Self-employed client with limited income, needs help with filing Bankruptcy. Client does not own any real property or land. However, he currently has a vehicle that he is financing. Client works as a carpenter and paychecks vary but are relatively low. Client has at least two affidavit judgements which were recently filed against him and one of those creditors currently has a hold on his bank account, preventing him from accessing his money. Client has never filed bankruptcy before and has lived in Maryland for 37 years. He has no alimony or child support obligations and no student loans. Client is current on his tax filings. To assist MVLS client 17-0130341, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org

 Cecil County Custody 17-0132135
Single mother of 3 needs help with establishing custody for her 5 & 3 year old children. Client is seeking to establish sole physical and legal custody of minors. Parties were never married and Client currently has physical custody of minors. There are no concerns regarding paternity and there has been no CPS/DSS involvement. Client stated OP has a substance problem which caused domestic violence during their relationship and OP has had no contact with Client or minors for over 2 years. Client was denied a protective order in September of 2016 after the courts were unable to locate OP. Recently minor’s school told her because there is no court ordered custody, they can’t deny OP access to minors. For these reasons, Client is seeking to establish custody of minors. Client previously filed for child support in July of 2016 and OP was never served. This case was reopened and Client filed a complaint for custody of minors on 7/5/17. As of today, there are no hearings or court dates scheduled. To assist MVLS client 17-0132135, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org

Howard County Bankruptcy 17-0131364
Client needs help with filing Bankruptcy. Recently, client lost her 2nd job and her bills are overwhelming. Due to this she wants to file bankruptcy. She’s lived in MD all of her life, has never filed bankruptcy in the past and owns no real property or land. Client is currently financing a car through Bank of America. Client does not have any student loans, alimony or child support obligations and is current on her tax filings. Most of her debts are credit card and loans; which total approximately $25,000.  To assist MVLS client 17-0131364, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org

 Prince George’s County Expungement/Shielding 17-0133396
Client was referred to our program after attending an Expungement Clinic. She needs help with an Expungement petition that needs to be reviewed for accuracy then filed with the court; as well as needs assistance with a Shielding matter.  To assist MVLS client 17-0133396, please contact LaKisha Overton at loverton@mvlslaw.org.

Wicomico County Expungement 17-0133744
Client seeks to have her criminal record expunged. To assist MVLS client 17-0133744, please contact LaKisha Overton at loverton@mvlslaw.org.


Updated: November 6, 2017

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