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First I would like to say my volunteer attorney and staff was great! They helped me through the whole process in a very professional manner. I can’t thank the MVLS enough for all you have done to get my life back on track.

Ready to take a pro bono case?  Below are a few available cases.  Don’t see one that’s a good fit for you? Contact Michelle Swift at mswift@mvlslaw.org and she’ll find you a case that matches your case type and geographic preferences.

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Baltimore City Absolute Divorce 17-0129801
Client/wife is seeking legal assistance and representation with a divorce from OP/husband. Parties were married on 11/27/2012 and have lived in separate residences since 11/2016. Parties have no minor children and no real marital property. There are no active protective orders, but client states there is a history of domestic violence and protective orders in the past (physical/emotional). Client is seeking absolute divorce and alimony. Client has already initiated the complaint and service on OP, no answer from OP.  To assist MVLS client 17-0129801, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.   

Baltimore City Bankruptcy 17-0127975
Client needs help with filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for the first time. She has about $14,000.00 in debt consisting of a car repossession, medical bills, court judgments, and credit cards. She has been a MD resident her entire life. No real property. Client’s vehicle was recently repossessed. To assist MVLS client 17-0127975, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.    

Baltimore City Collections 17-0130487
Disabled client is being sued in the District Court of Baltimore City for the amount of $10,649.66. Client co-signed for her daughter’s car loan about 2 years ago. Last year, Clients daughter experienced financial problems and the car was repossessed. Client attended MVLS’ Consumer Protection Project and met with an attorney who noticed that daughter’s payments prior to repossession were not credited. To assist MVLS client 17-0130487, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.     

Baltimore City Custody 17-0129197
(Trial is scheduled for October 11 -12, 2017 at 9:30am.)
Client/mother is seeking help with establishing custody of parties’ 5 year old child. Parties were never married and this is the first time establishing an order. The child currently resides with client. She stopped visitation because there was sexual abuse allegations by the child against her father. Client contacted CPS/DSS but was told there was not enough evidence. However, she has taken child to see a therapist and requested a child privilege attorney based on child’s discussions with social worker and therapist. Father filed for joint custody of the child. As of May 2, 2017 an interim consent order was established which allows father 2 hours of supervised visitation twice a week. The client is seeking sole physical/legal custody and supervised visitation for father. There are no active/current protective orders in place; no history of domestic violence. Father is represented.  To assist MVLS client 17-0129197, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.    

Baltimore City Tax Controversy 17-0130389
50 year old client has outstanding tax debt with the IRS from 2011 of $1350.00 and to MD totaling $4085.00 from 2010 and 2011. Client was involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident at the time, and was not able to pay his taxes.  To assist MVLS client 17-0130389, please contact Tara Miles at tmiles@mvlslaw.org.     

Baltimore City Tax Sale 17-0129335
Client is 75 years old, and went to tax sale this spring because of her high water bill. She states that there had been a leak in the property, but that the leak was repaired. Client did not receive an adjustment on the high usage due to the leak, and it is unclear whether they requested an adjustment in writing. Client receives the senior water discount and hardship exemption. Client needs assistance addressing the water bill and redeeming the tax sale. To assist MVLS client 17-0129335, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore County 17-0131036 Landlord/Tenant
(Trial on September 12, 2017 at 1:30pm)
Former landlord is suing disabled former court employee for $644.83 in unpaid rent. Client moved into the property sometime in 2008 and moved out on 12/29/15; A few days prior to the end of her lease, which was January 1, 2016. Client gave notice that she would not be renewing the lease in advance. Client states that although she vacated the unit on 12/29/15, she was unable to sign paperwork to return keys to Landlord (LL) until January 5, 2016 because it was around the holidays and they were not in the office when she visited. Because she was late turning in keys, she was charged January’s rent, but client states they did not charge the full month, as her rent was over $800/month. Client has emails and letters from landlord/management stating she was cleared to move and owed nothing else. Client states that she had to move because she has health problems and fell down a flight of stairs in the building. This resulted in serious injuries and client has since had a heart monitor and stint put in. The LL refused to move client to a first-floor apartment, telling her they had none available. Client states that there was a rodent infestation, garbage in the halls, and other tenants smoking in the halls, which further aggravated her health problems. To assist MVLS client 17-0131036, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore County Bankruptcy 16-0126301
Veteran seeks assistance with filing bankruptcy for the first time. He has an estimated $18,000 of total debt, consisting mostly of credit cards, loans, rental delinquencies, and other miscellaneous bills. He has no student loan debts and does not owe any child support or alimony obligations. Client has no tax problems and is current on his filings. He is employed and only receives medical insurance benefits from the VA. He does not own any real property or vehicles.  To assist MVLS client 16-0126301, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org.

Baltimore County Bankruptcy 17-0129039
Single mother of three, needs help with fling Bankruptcy. Client has lived in Maryland all of her life, never filed Bankruptcy in the past and owns no real estate property. Client is overwhelmed in debt and would like to file Bankruptcy for financial relief. She has no child support or alimony obligations, however; she does have student loans and is current on her tax filings. Most of Clients debts are from credit cards, collections and a past car repossession; which total approximately $14,591.99.  To assist MVLS client 17-0129039, please contact Makeisha Gibson at mgibson@mvlslaw.org.

Carroll County Bankruptcy 17-0130341
Self-employed client needs help with filing Bankruptcy. He currently works as a carpenter and paychecks vary; but are relatively low. Client has at least 2 affidavit judgements which were recently filed against him and one of those creditors currently has a hold on his bank accounts, preventing him from accessing his money. Client has never filed bankruptcy in the past and has lived in Maryland for 37 years. He has no alimony/cs obligations and no student loans. Client is current on his tax filings and does not own any real property. However, he currently has a car loan financed through Exeter Finance. Client’s outstanding debts total approximately $25,830. To assist MVLS client 17-0130341, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

Cecil County Divorce with Custody 17-0128608
Client/husband is seeking help with divorce matter. Parties were married on 08/14/2016 and quickly separated the following month. They have one 11 month old child from the relationship. Both client and OP are seeking sole physical/legal custody of the child. Parties have no joint real property or land. OP has filed for child support, however client’s only income is from SSI. Neither party has filed for divorce, no court dates have been set.  To assist MVLS client 17-0128608, please contact Monica Fulwood at mfulwood@mvlslaw.org.

Charles County Qualified Domestic Relations Order 17-0131111
Single mother of 2 needs help with a QDRO. Judgement of Absolute Divorce was granted on May 30, 2017 and client was awarded 50% of husband’s pension from Operating Engineers Local No. 77. To assist MVLS client 17-0131111, please contact LaKisha Overton at loverton@mvlslaw.org.              

Frederick County Collections 17-0131729
(Trial on September 1, 2017 at 1pm)
Client is seeking help presenting a defense in a collections trial. She is being sued for $717. She tried several times to set up an affordable payment plan, however collector would not accept. Client acknowledges this past debt, however; she needs legal help to pay it through a reasonable repayment plan. To assist MVLS client 17-0131729, please contact LaKisha Overton at loverton@mvlslaw.org.

Harford County Mortgage Foreclosure 17-0130449
Client is a disabled veteran, and receives veteran’s benefits due to her disability. She fell behind on her mortgage loan in March 2017. She last made a payment in April. She has tried working with her servicer, CitiMortgage, to apply for VA loss mitigation options, but her representative has cancelled calls, and has been generally un-reachable. Client received a Notice of Intent to Foreclose on May 3, 2017. No court case has been filed yet, but she received a letter from CitiMortgage on July 5th extending an offer for short sale, but denying her request for a modification because “the current status of [her] loan does not meet program delinquency requirements.” Client would like to keep the home if possible, and is seeking an attorney to consult with on the issue. To assist MVLS client 17-0130449, please contact Ellyn Riedl at eriedl@mvlslaw.org.

Updated: August 9, 2017

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