MVLS Featured in The AFRO, “Commentary: Transferring generational wealth: Don’t leave it to the law”

Check out this new op-ed in the AFRO from MVLS’ Advanced Planning and Outreach Coordinator, Aisha Snead, and Nneka N’namdi who is the Founder and Executive Director of Fight Blight Bmore. She is also Executive Director of The SOS Fund. Estate Planning is family, continuity, and legacy planning. We cannot seriously discuss family stabilization or the building and passing of generational wealth, without estate planning as the cornerstone.

Maryland Bar Journal Volume 5 Issue 3: “Analyzing Violation of Probation Objections to Expungement After Abhishek I.” By George Townsend, and Allison Stillinghagan

In an article recently published by the Maryland Bar Journal, MVLS’ Workforce Development Attorney, George Townsend, and Human Trafficking Prevention Program Staff Attorney, Allison Stillinghagan, team-up to explain the Abhishek decision itself, pre-Abhishek case law relating to expungement eligibility, and the legislative history of expungement statutes, all of which support a narrow application of Abhishek to specific cases in which a sentence of probation after conviction was closed as “unsatisfied”.

Maryland Bar Journal Volume 5 Issue 3: “Property Tax Collection in Baltimore: Fostering Wealth Disparity” By Margaret Henn, and Allison Harris

In an article recently published by the Maryland Bar Journal, MVLS’ Deputy Director, Margaret Henn, Esq., and PBRC’S Director of Home Preservation, Allison Harris, Esq., team-up to breakdown the notoriously confusing tax sale system in Baltimore City. Learn the effect of the Baltimore City’s predatory tax sale system on black and brown communities.

“Why Pro Bono, A Legal Perspective”- Special Issue 2024, Trial Reporter – Journal of Maryland Association of Justice

As the world becomes increasingly more complex, attorneys are in a unique position to bridge the gap between those who can afford and access legal services and those who cannot while promoting justice and equality to all. It is important to recognize and discuss the challenges that underserved and poverty-stricken litigants, particularly persons of color, face when dealing with the court system. This article, written by MVLS Family Law Attorney, Nancy Grimm, examines the importance of and need for pro bono services and how trial attorneys can support their communities through such services while combating the impact of racial injustice on Black individuals and people of color.

“Scott must put an end to tax sales now” – Commentary, The Baltimore Sun

This year, over 7,600 Baltimore homeowners received notice that their homes would be going into tax sale. There is a bill pending in Annapolis that would put even more tenant and heirs’ occupied properties into tax sale. In this article, Deputy Director Margaret Henn calls upon the Mayor and legislature to do something about this by removing homeowners from the tax sale and opposing HB243.

“Local nonprofits offer free legal clinics to help avoid home loss to tax sale” by The Daily Record

The Daily Record published a new article highlighting upcoming tax sale clinics in partnership with MVLS, Pro Bono Resource Center (PBRC), and Stop Oppressive Seizures Fund (SOS). The next clinic is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at American Brewery Building (1701 North Gay St., Baltimore). Find the full schedule and details below.