CITC Tax Credit

How it Works

The CITC program supports nonprofit organizations by granting State tax credits to nonprofits which they can use to incentivize contributions.When you make a donation of $500 or more to MVLS, you may be eligible to receive a Maryland CITC tax credit equal to 50% of the value of your donation. The CITC tax credits are in addition to Federal and State charitable tax deductions.

Who is Eligible

Businesses: Any entity that conducts a trade or business in the State and is subject to State income tax on individuals or corporations, the public service company franchise tax, or the insurance premiums tax.

Individuals: Individual residents of Maryland are eligible if domiciled in Maryland on the last day of the taxable year or if s/he maintains a place of abode in Maryland for more than six months of the taxable year and is physically present in the State for 183 days or more during the taxable year.

How to Apply for Credits

Individuals and businesses making donations are required to complete a simple form and submit it to MVLS. Please contact Katie Sutton by email or 443-451-4065 and Cara Schaefer by email or 443-451-4090 with your intent to donate, confirm tax credits are still available, and to get the form.

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