Community Partner of the Month | CASH Campaign of Maryland (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope)

We’re proud to recognize CASH Campaign of Maryland, as the Community Partner of the Month. Read on to learn more about CASH, and their experience as an MVLS Community Partner.

How long have you been in existence, and what is your organization’s mission?  
The CASH Campaign of Maryland (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) is the result of a merger between the CASH Campaigns of Baltimore and Maryland in 2017. Since 2001, CASH has promoted economic advancement for low-to-moderate income individuals and families across the state.

What/who/how do you serve your community?
CASH accomplishes its mission through operating a portfolio of direct service programs, building field capacity, and leading policy and advocacy initiatives to strengthen family economic stability. Direct services include free tax preparation, benefits assistance, financial education, and coaching. CASH partners with organizations across the state that offer these services and provides technical assistance, direct funding, and training to build field capacity. CASH also conducts research and leads initiatives to advocate for policies that protect and grow the financial security of low-income families in Maryland.

Why do you think it’s important to work with a legal services program, like MVLS? 
Collaborating with legal services programs like Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) is essential for providing comprehensive support in our community. The synergy between the CASH Campaign of Maryland and MVLS exemplifies this perfectly through our joint efforts in the realm of tax assistance. CASH’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites provide invaluable free tax return preparation services across Maryland. When taxpayers encounter complex issues or disputes with the IRS or Comptroller, they need more than just preparation assistance. This is where MVLS steps in with their formidable team of attorneys. The seamless transition from CASH’s VITA sites to MVLS’s Tax Law Clinic ensures that clients facing tax controversies receive holistic support throughout their journey. This collaboration not only resolves tax issues but also empowers individuals with the knowledge and legal resources necessary to navigate future challenges with confidence. This collaboration with MVLS is pivotal in bridging the gap between immediate tax assistance and long-term resolution for our clients. It not only enhances the effectiveness of our respective programs but also creates a stronger safety net for those we serve.

Is there anything upcoming you would like to highlight or promote? 
Since 2008, CASH has provided financial education classes on various topics via the Maryland CASH Academy. The CASH Academy is a statewide clearinghouse for free, fact based, in-depth financial education classes based on vetted curriculum from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Consumer Financial Protections Bureau (CFPB). In addition to classes and workshops, the CASH Academy has implemented webinars to safely deliver financial education as a response to COVID-19, which are recorded and posted for “on demand” access. This platform also connects people to other resources such as free 1:1 financial coaching, pro bono Certified Finacial Planning, and safe banking solutions via Bank On Maryland.  To learn more, visit