Community Partner of the Month | Bon Secours Community Works

We’re proud to recognize Bon Secours Community Works (BSCW), as the Community Partner of the Month. Read on to learn more about BSCW and their experience as an MVLS Community Partner.

How long have you been in existence, and what is your organization’s mission?  
Bon Secours Community Works (BSCW) works to enrich West Baltimore communities with programs, services, and affordable housing that contribute to the long-term economic and social viability of neighborhoods.

What/who/how do you serve your community?   
We organize our efforts into three primary service delivery departments: Economic Development, Youth & Family Services, and Housing & Community Development.

The Economic Development department provides programs and services designed to increase the economic viability of West Baltimore residents and communities. We offer support for job seekers including occupational training and job placement services, financial education and low-cost tax preparations, access to healthy foods, neighborhood revitalization projects, and support for citizens returning home after incarceration.

The Youth and Family Services department offers resources and services designed to assist West Baltimore residents in building strong foundations for the future. Our programs target expectant mothers, children and their families, youth and young adults, and women in need of basic services.

Bon Secours Community Works currently owns and operates over 800 units of high-quality affordable housing within 8 developments, supporting families, senior citizens and people with disabilities. Our facilities are conveniently located to critical amenities including transportation, shopping, recreation and health services and residents benefit from the support of property managers as well as Resident Service Coordinators.

Why do you think it’s important to work with a legal services program, like MVLS? 
Expungement services provided by MVLS play a pivotal role in the reintegration and rehabilitation of many of our community members, providing them with a crucial second chance to rebuild their lives after serving their sentences. These services are essential because they help remove the stigma and legal barriers associated with a criminal record, which can otherwise hinder individuals from securing employment, housing, education, and even access to social benefits. By expunging or sealing certain past convictions, our clients can regain their self-esteem and become productive members of society, reducing the risk of recidivism. Expungement services not only promote fairness and justice but also contribute to the overall well-being of communities by reducing the cycle of crime and poverty, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.