Consumer Bills to Watch in Annapolis

In honor of National Consumer Protection Week, MVLS Director of Advocacy and Financial Stabilization, Amy Hennen, shares some legislation currently pending in the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis that would affect consumers. She summarizes just a few prominent ones.

HB365 / SB262 would require that mortgage servicers must be licensed as debt collectors.

HB365 / SB425 would increase the amount of wages exempt from garnishment and allow low-income Marylanders to keep more of their income.

HB784 / SB957 would require net neutrality in Maryland. A similar bill was passed in California last year.

HB1081 / SB873 would prohibit hospitals from pursuing wage garnishment or liens on patients’ homes and would not allow collection if an application for financial assistance was pending.

HB1416 / SB820 would place requirements on inspection and replacement of water infrastructure. If utilities could not meet the requirements, they would lose funding. This could push utilities to privatize and increase costs for residents.

For more information, visit the Maryland General Assembly website.