Daily Record Article on Waiving Estate Fees for Low-Income Residents

The Daily Record Editorial Advisory Board published an article urging the importance of waiving estate fees for low-income homeowners. The fees currently involved with estate planning can be staggering. Low-income homeowners in Maryland, including MVLS clients, are often overwhelmed by these unforeseen costs. Many homeowners do not see these costs coming – the article paints a vivid picture of a low-income homeowner passing away, leaving behind a rowhouse worth $70,000. Though their adult child has been living in the home all their lives, without the right documentation securely in place before their parent’s passing, they now have a laundry list of fees to address before the home is truly their property, despite having inherited it. You can read the full article here to learn more about the current situation for low-income homeowners and how waiving fees could alleviate stress for these families.