Daily Record Publishes Pro Bono Article

The Daily Record’s Editorial Advisory Board published an article emphasizing the importance of pro bono work and the vast need for legal services particularly in low-income communities. MVLS is featured in the article, which reports that  665  MVLS volunteers have closed more than 3,200 pro bono cases, valued at $4.6 million. The article also points out the two new rules from the Maryland Rules Committee that have come into effect. Thanks to these two rules, opportunities for attorneys to take on pro bono work have been multiplied. These two rules provide needed clarity, explaining that retired, inactive members of the Maryland bar are authorized to practice pro bono law and that out-of-state barred attorneys can be admitted to the Maryland Bar specifically to provide pro bono legal services. MVLS is looking to have more retired and out-of-state attorneys join our panel – for more information about how retired attorneys can practice pro bono, click here. For more information for out-of-state attorneys looking to provide pro bono work in Maryland, click here

To learn more about the importance of pro bono and opportunities for attorneys to become more involved, click here. MVLS Deputy Director Susan Francis has recently joined the Daily Record Editorial Advisory Board.