April 22 – The Daily Record Covers MVLS’ New Bankruptcy Bypass Program

The Daily Record recently published an overview of MVLS’ new Bankruptcy Bypass program.  The Bankruptcy Bypass program was launched in March 2016 with a $10,000 grant from the American College of Bankruptcy.  The program aims to help debtors who are living on a fixed income and are collection-proof – meaning that their limited income and assets cannot legally be seized by creditors to repay their debts.

Many of these individuals still receive frequent harassing phone calls from creditor or debt collectors and want to file for bankruptcy to make the phone calls stop.  However, due to the expense and credit implications, bankruptcy is usually not the best option for this population.  Intervention from a lawyer referencing the collection-proof status of the individual is often all it takes to get the phone calls to stop.

If you’re interested in becoming a Bankruptcy Bypass volunteer, please sign up for our May 4 webinar.