December 2020 Volunteer of the Month – Danielle Mikoy

Danielle Mikoy is a family law and estate planning attorney, servicing Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County and Anne Arundel counties. Danielle began volunteering with MVLS in 2016. During her time as a volunteer she has taken 31 cases.

Read on to learn why Danielle volunteers:

  • Why do you choose to volunteer with MVLS?

It’s an opportunity to help protect and connect with people who would not otherwise be able to afford or obtain knowledgeable, experienced representation. Being in a position to help solve problems and to help others navigate difficult times with support and dignity is an honor and a privilege.

  • Do you have any stand out stories?

Not a story, but perspective – every client you are able to help through MVLS will be in a better position to in turn later help someone else in their own way. To me, that’s really powerful.

  • What is your favorite part about volunteering with MVLS?

Seeing hope, relief and a smile when a client realizes a weight has been lifted, they’re not alone, and someone who genuinely cares is there to help and support them. I’ve met so many good, kind people through MVLS and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been of service to them.

  • Why should other attorneys do pro bono?

You can do as much or as little as you like, and whatever you give of yourself, you will get back tenfold. In the time it takes it takes to binge-watch the hottest new series, you can change someone’s life.