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Many MVLS clients struggle with being able to pay for the requisite fees associated with estate and deed recordation. Thankfully, there are two resources to help overcome this barrier.
  • Baltimore City residents – 60 years or older
MVLS has partnered with Catholic Charities, who will be covering client estate costs over the next year. Fees include probate fee, bonding, publication fee, lien certificate, recordation fee, and copies of death certificates. It does not include property tax or water bills. If you’re working with a Baltimore City older adult on an estate or deed matter, please contact Margaret Henn, Director of Program Management, at MVLS.  
  • Statewide
The Litigation Fund, administered by the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland (PBRC) and funded by the Maryland Legal Services Corporation, reimburses costs incurred by MVLS volunteer attorneys. The Litigation Fund can also be used for small estate expenses including the fees outlined above. There is no geographic or age limitation. More information is available here.


As of October 1, 2019, the Registers of Wills are required to waive probate fees for MVLS clients.  Volunteer attorneys should submit Register of Wills Form 1220 to the Register of Wills when assisting an MVLS client in opening an estate.  Volunteers should also submit a copy of their placement letter from MVLS to prove that the client is an MVLS client. 


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