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New Updates 

  • Note to volunteers: MDExpungement.com and the MDExpungement Chrome extension are currently unavailable due to internal changes made to the Maryland Case Search website. MVLS is working to address this issue as soon as possible.

  • On Oct. 1 2021, the Court released a new expungement petition form for use in cases that are less than 3 years old with a non-guilty disposition.  A link to the new form can be found in the resources below.
  • The 2021 legislative session added two charges to the list of eligible convictions: 4th degree burglary and driving with a suspended license. Both follow the ten-year waiting period and all usual prerequisites.  
  • Important note: New legislation that went into effect Summer 2021 prohibits Maryland Case Search from displaying any charges that resulted in nolle prosequi, acquittal, or dismissal. Cases where all charges resulted in one of these dispositions have been removed from the site entirely. Please see the materials below (‘New Expungement Procedure’) for information about filing expungements under these new rules.  

Substantive Law 


Training Materials (click here to access trainings)

    • Changes to Expungement Law: Justice Reinvestment Act Training
    • Expungement Law – The Basics and Recent Changes in the Law


Shielding is a process separate from but similar to expungement. While MVLS’ practice primarily focuses on expungement, attorneys may want to familiarize themselves with shielding law as well. 

Want to assist clients with expungement? View our Clinic Registration page to see upcoming events, or check out or Pro Bono Portal. 


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