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Legal information may help individuals learn about legal issues or resolve their legal problem. Check out MVLS’ library of legal information resources.

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Our monthly client newsletter is full of helpful tips, timely resources and upcoming legal clinics. The last few issues have focused on tax issues, expungement, and legal self-help. Check our past issues here.

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Looking for support understanding complicated legal topics? Each week, an MVLS staff member records a quick video explaining a legal issue or topic that is frequently misunderstood. Click here to watch our videos explaining expungement law, the importance of estate planning, and more.

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Planning to Represent Yourself?

The Maryland Courts website has a selection of Court Forms they have available to download and fill out. Look out for fee waivers in particular and check to see if they are available for your legal situation. Visit MD Courts Court Forms page.


Other Sources of Legal Information

Maryland Community Services Locater

MDCSL – Maryland Community Services Locator – lists approximately 9,000 health, social service and criminal justice resource programs in Maryland – View the MDCSL Informational Flyer



Maryland Courts Video Library – The Maryland Courts website offers self-help videos on many different aspects of law, such as tips for your day in court, expungement, and representing yourself. Visit MD Courts Video Library.


People's Law Library

PLL – People’s Law Library – a legal information and self-help website that provides self-represented litigants in Maryland state courts information about the law, including summaries of the law, links to primary and secondary legal sources and referrals for legal services – Visit PLL




District Court Self-Help – The resource center provides limited legal services for people who are not represented by an attorney. Limited legal services include help completing forms, answering questions about legal problems, and preparing for your day in court – Visit District Court Self-Help Center. – If you have your case number this website will tell you if your case is likely expungeable and will even fill out the expungement petitions for you. Visit MDExpungement.

 – this website provides expungement information for people with criminal records in Maryland.  The site explains what expungements are, how a record can be expunged, and helps individuals see if their record might be expungeable.  Visit ExpungeMaryland.



Taxpayer Advocate Service – helps people resolve tax problems with the IRS and recommends changes that will prevent problems.  Visit the Taxpayer Advocate Service.



Tax Sale Help – are you behind on your property taxes or water bill? Tax Sale Help Baltimore is a free online tool that helps Baltimore City homeowners figure out the complicated tax sale process, and get resources and information about preventing tax sale.

A Guide to Legal Services in Maryland

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