Gifts of Appreciated Stock

If you own stock that has appreciated in price since you purchased it, consider using that asset for your charitable giving. If the stock has increased in value from the time of purchase, you can avoid paying the capital gains tax by donating the stock to MVLS. When the stock is donated to MVLS, the full market value will still be eligible for a tax deduction. Since taxation is avoided on the stock donation, the donor is able to make a larger donation to support equal access to justice and free legal services.

To transfer securities to MVLS, please provide your broker with the following instructions, which will enable them to electronically transfer your stock to MVLS. Please fill out the stock information form and let us know (Katie Sutton by email or 443-451-4065 and Cara Schaefer by email or 443-451-4090) so we can help coordinate your request and are aware of the transfer. 

MVLS Federal Tax ID: 52-1225979
Broker: Morgan Stanley
Account: Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Svc Inc, 550-012031-098
DTC Account: 0015

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