Have You Heard of The Water4All Program?

What is the Water4All Program?  

The Water4All (W4A) program has officially launched in Baltimore City and aims to create more equitable access to financial assistance for eligible residents who need help paying their water bill. The W4A Program provides a monthly discount for water and sewage bills based on a percentage of a resident’s income.  

Am I Eligible?  

The program is open to Baltimore City residents with an income less than 200% of the federal poverty level. The W4A program uses a formula to create the maximum amount a resident should pay for annual water and sewer services, based on a percentage of their annual household income.  

Why it Matters.  

Baltimore’s goal in the W4A program is providing more equitable access to financial assistance for those who need help with their water bills. It may also provide financial assistance for tenants who do not have their own account with the Department of Public Works, but instead pay their landlord for water directly.  

How do I Apply?  

The W4A program has an active online application, however if you need to apply with a paper application please call (410)-369-5555. If you are a Baltimore resident currently receiving BH2O Assist or BH2O Plus financial assistance, you must apply for the Water4all program. You must do so to continue receiving financial assistance prior to the end of your current annual coverage.  

For more information on the Water4All program please visit Water4All NOW Accepting Applications | Baltimore City Department of Public Works