HTPP Volunteer

HTPP Volunteer

Criminal records can be a barrier for trafficking survivors. You can help.

Human trafficking survivors are often arrested and convicted for criminal acts over which they had no control, and the resulting criminal records can be an insurmountable obstacle to moving forward with their lives in safety.

The Human Trafficking Prevention Project (HTPP), a partnership between Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) and University of Baltimore School of Law, provides life changing legal assistance to survivors and other vulnerable populations throughout Maryland. MVLS is seeking attorneys to help HTPP clients with criminal record relief (through expungement, vacatur, and/or shielding), as well as divorce, custody, consumer debt/bankruptcy, name and gender marker changes, landlord/tenant disputes, and other civil legal issues.

The HTPP also provides training on the availability of criminal record relief within the state of Maryland, as well as on working with survivors of trauma and other marginalized populations, for volunteer attorneys and firms that provide pro bono legal services to HTPP clients.

The HTPP also hosts a free quarterly webinar series on the intersection of human trafficking and various legal/social issues. Please scroll down for upcoming webinars and training opportunities, and visit our HTPP Resources page to access recordings and materials from past webinars.


Getting help through MVLS gave me a level of freedom. It was like a scarlet letter lifted off me, there was closure, and it let me move forward from the past, from a crazy time. I felt like no one cared about the backstory behind my conviction [for prostitution] or what led up to that – it sets the HTPP apart as a program, especially in a legal services sense.” -HTPP Client*

“My (volunteer) attorney did something for me I could not do for myself… She went above and beyond and was such a blessing for me. It meant so much to get records from 20 years ago off my back and make a fresh start.” -HTPP Client*

*Names withheld to protect clients’ identity and privacy.

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The Human Trafficking Prevention Project (HTPP) is a partnership between Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service and University of Baltimore School of Law. To get help, refer a client, or learn more, please contact us at:

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If you need immediate help or if someone you know is being trafficked, contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline for resources, assistance, and information.
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