HTPP Get Help/Refer

Get Help or Make a Referral

This form on this page is available for both individuals who may interested in getting legal help through the HTPP as well as service providers who wish to refer clients to the program. If you are interested in speaking with HTPP staff about legal help, please select “Myself” from the menu below; if you are a service provider seeking legal assistance for a person you are working with, please select “Making a Referral.”

Requests for help/referrals are reviewed every Thursday by HTPP staff at MVLS and University of Baltimore, and HTPP staff will contact the individual applying for services or referring party shortly after the case is reviewed. All information provided is kept confidential by HTPP staff – for more information, please review MVLS’ Client Confidentiality Policy. Completing this form does not create an attorney-client relationship and does not signify that a case has been accepted for representation.