Human Trafficking Prevention Project Launches New Outreach Campaign

MVLS is excited to share new outreach materials and webpages for the Human Trafficking Prevention Project (HTPP), a partnership between MVLS and University of Baltimore School of Law (Official). Thanks to a generous grant from the

Baltimore City Human Trafficking Collaborative and Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justi, the HTPP has created a series of posters, contact cards, and brochures to raise awareness about human trafficking and to connect survivors and others made vulnerable to future exploitation with free legal services. Messaging and imagery for this project was selected in consultation with survivor leaders, and we hope that these materials will resonate with and be reflective of the diverse communities served by the HTPP. HTPP posters, brochures, and contact cards will be distributed for free to service providers, survivors, shelters, groups doing street outreach, medical providers, schools, and anyone else who would like to help raise awareness about this critical issue. For more information or to request a package of materials, please email

In addition to our outreach materials, the HTPP now has a new online home where attorneys, advocates, survivors, and the public can easily access information about HTPP services, trainings, and volunteer opportunities. Visitors can use our new online form to request help or make a referral, or browse past trainings and other resources related to human trafficking prevention. Visit to learn more!