Intern Testimonials

As a summer intern, I assisted with client intake and case placement. In addition to intake and case placement, I was able to work with a volunteer attorney and assist with opening an estate. I have an interest in family law and estate planning and the practical experience was awesome. I was able to attend clinic sessions with the Pro Bono Resource Center and JustAdvice and work with Baltimore City residents. Overall I learned a great deal and gained useful practical skills.

 Summer 2014 – K.H. – University of Maryland

I researched tax sale policy in Maryland, assisted in placing cases with volunteer attorneys, and did intake calls. I learned not only a great deal about tax sale policy, but also the way an organization like MVLS operates. What I enjoyed the most about my internship at MVLS was how I could end each day feeling like I made a positive difference.

 Summer 2014 – M.H. – University of Maryland

I enjoyed my hands-on learning during my time at MVLS. I had the opportunity to shadow an attorney who was handling a Petition of Guardianship for an elderly woman. Throughout my time shadowing her, I was able to visit the client in her nursing home, speak with several members of her family, accompany her and her family to court and write the report for the Petition of Guardianship. The family was so grateful of the help they received from both the attorney and me, and it made me feel like I actually made a difference in someone’s life.

I also had the opportunity to attend the Just Advice and Debt Buyer clinics. While there, I learned just as much as the patrons who came in! It was great to be surrounded by attorneys and listen to how they dealt with people seeking legal advice.

Finally, my research skills were put to use at MVLS. While I was there, I researched child custody in Maryland. This document is now what I use as a professional writing sample.

 Summer 2014 – B.P. – University of Maryland

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and supervision this summer during my internship experience with MVLS.   Your leadership throughout the summer assisted me in further development of my communication and research skills as well as my ability to implement individual projects and function as a leading contributor on various tasks.  The experience was more than I could have expected and allowed me the freedom to develop and maintain individual accounts as a professional member of the team.

Summer 2014 – M.H. – Stevenson University

MVLS was perfect for me, as it was my first legal internship, and gave me exposure to a variety of civil litigation I ordinarily wouldn’t have gotten in one single placement. It also helped that the attorneys were all very friendly and willing to help me with any questions or problems I was having with assigned projects. I received great feedback that has helped me understand how attorneys approach legal issues in their day to day jobs.

 Fall 2014 – T.S. – University of Maryland

I found my internship at MVLS helped me to learn about areas of the law that I had little familiarity with going in. The MVLS staff were helpful and engaged in helping me learn. I enjoyed the opportunity to serve low-income Marylanders while enriching my legal education.

 Fall 2014 – J.M. – University of Maryland

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