MVLS Attorney Amy Hennen Featured in Article on Debtors’ Prisons

MVLS Consumer and Foreclosure Managing Attorney, Amy Hennen, was interviewed by Refinery29 on debtors’ prisons – or at least, how debtors’ prisons have morphed into body attachment laws in 2018. Amy provides a snapshot of how this situation has developed over time and the context that has led to our current situation, as well as the rights that consumers have particularly when they come from low-income backgrounds. Amy also discusses how MVLS’s Consumer Protection Project has led to many clients discovering debts that they never knew of in the first place: 

“Creditors and creditor attorneys often say that people are lying or are just trying to avoid getting served. But the number of people who say ‘I was never served with this. I’ve never received any of the paperwork’ is really staggering.”