MVLS CAN Completes First Month of 20 for 2020 Challenge: Join Us and Pledge Today

MVLS CAN (Community Advocacy Network), MVLS’s network of new volunteer attorneys, CPA’s, EA’s, and law students, had a successful first month completing the 20 for 2020 Challenge. This challenge supports CAN members to help clients access quality free legal services, while also growing their skill sets.

As we entered a new decade, MVLS challenged all CAN members to commit to the 20 for 2020 Challenge by pledging to take 20 cases in the 2020s. To successfully complete the challenge, CAN members must take two cases each year. Through the campaign, CAN members will demonstrate their long-term commitment to pro bono. And of course, we encourage CAN members to consider taking even more cases!

Anthony May, president of CAN and an attorney at Brown, Goldstein, & Levy, believes “pro bono work is essential to being an effective advocate. It not only sharpens your skills as a lawyer, but, more importantly, it provides an opportunity to use those skills to make a difference in the lives of people who need them the most.”

In addition to feeling great about helping someone who otherwise would be denied access to justice, and building essential legal skills, those who complete the challenge will receive ongoing recognition, including MVLS’s ten-year award.

Are you ready to get started? It’s not too late to sign up!