MVLS Helps Woman Receive Returned Security Deposit

MVLS client Virginia was renting an apartment in Baltimore City as a Section 8 tenant. After the inspection, she expected to get the whole deposit back. After she moved out, Virginia kept getting the runaround from the management company. They told her to “give it a few more weeks.” Months later, she spoke to the management company, who told her that they received notification of her check being cashed, but Virginia had never seen any check at all. It turns out that the management company had addressed it to the wrong street number. A stranger had stolen it and endorsed it by forgery. With the help of an MVLS volunteer, Virginia took her landlord to court for the return of her $595 security deposit plus treble damages. They were able to settle for the full amount if they dropped the claim for damages and fees. Virginia would likely have never seen the return of her deposit without legal assistance, and $595 is a huge sum of money when you’re living at the poverty line.

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