MVLS Helps Yoga Instructor File for Bankruptcy

MVLS was recently contacted by Jane, a self-employed yoga instructor, writer, and editor. She unexpectedly lost most of her clients and faced long periods of unemployment. She lived with her fiancé, who was struggling financially, and his teenage son. By the time Jane contacted us, she was facing more than $14,000 in credit card and medical debt with no financial relief in sight. MVLS was able to match her with a volunteer attorney who successfully helped her file for bankruptcy. She told us, “I feel a weight has been lifted and a freedom to truly embrace a fresh start as I begin to rebuild my life…I wanted to thank you, too, for the service, for the referral, for helping those who can’t see the forest for the trees (like me) and giving space to breathe and recuperate.”

The help that our amazing volunteer attorneys provide makes all the difference for our low-income clients in difficult circumstances, many of whom are under great amounts of stress as they try to navigate a difficult legal system alone.

Help clients like Jane by taking a case or applying to become a volunteer today.