MVLS Hires Tangled Title and Adult Guardianship Staff Attorneys

MVLS recently hired two new staff members, Timothy Chance and Caitlin Evans Tepe, to serve as our Tangled Title Staff Attorney and Adult Guardianship Staff Attorney, respectively.

Timothy Chance is MVLS’s Tangled Title Staff Attorney, a new position created with the generous support of the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. This role is part of an expansion of the DHCD-funded My Home, My Deed, My Legacy campaign, which stabilizes communities through estate planning and administration. The Tangled Title Staff Attorney assists individuals who have a legal interest in their homes but are not the legal owner by offering direct representation in estate administration and deed transfer cases. Timothy will support volunteer attorneys accepting these cases and develop substantive resources.

Timothy has already started working with clients in estate administration cases and has begun compiling potential volunteers and mentors to assist clients in obtaining legal title to their homes.

Caitlin Evans Tepe is MVLS’s new staff attorney for the Adult Guardianship Program. The program serves low-income individuals with disabilities in Baltimore City and Baltimore County under a contract with the Maryland Department of Human Services.

Caitlin represents alleged disabled adults in guardianship proceedings and individuals with disabilities at monthly review board hearings to determine if guardianship should be continued, modified, or terminated. While volunteers will not work directly with Caitlin on pro bono cases, they may see her around at events.

Welcome to both Timothy and Caitlin!