MVLS Offers Trainings to Better Support LGBTQIA+ Clients

Each year, June is celebrated as Pride Month, a time to honor LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, +) individuals in society.

MVLS celebrates all identities and strives for justice for all. We are proud to use the law to support our LGBTQIA+ neighbors, whether that be assisting transgender clients with name changes or same sex couple with adoptions.

This month, we encourage attorneys to consider viewing the following from our training and video library in order to become better allies to our LGBTQIA+ clients:

  • Human Trafficking and LGBTQIA+ Populations: Cultural Readiness, Risk Factors, and a Plan for Action
    • This webinar features a discussion on how human trafficking impacts LGBTQIA+ communities and offers guidance on how to best support and advocate for LGBTQIA+ survivors. This is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning about serving LGBTQIA+ clients because the first half of the training provides an overview and introduction to best practices in working with LGBTQIA+ individuals.
  • Name Changes in Maryland
    • The webinar focuses on the legal process for name changes and birth certificate changes in Maryland, including when and how to file for adults and minors, court forms, potential service issues, and correcting misspellings.
  • Uncontested Independent Adoption in Maryland 
    • The webinar focuses on the basics of handling an uncontested independent adoption case in Maryland, including the legal effects of adoption, drafting the adoption petition, the adoption hearing, and when to seek adoption versus guardianship versus custody.
  • Best Practices for Working with Transgender Clients
    • Former MVLS paralegal and current MVLS CAN member and law student Rebecca Winchell provides background information on what it means to be transgender and how attorneys can create a comfortable environment and experience for transgender clients.

MVLS strongly encourages same sex couples in particular to do their estate planning. Attorneys who wish to assist couples with this can find our series of estate planning trainings on our Recorded Trainings page.

You can review these tip sheets for additional information:

We have many clients waiting for assistance. If you would like to accept a case at this time, view our Pro Bono Portal to see available cases or contact Margaret Henn.