MVLS Stands with Those Demanding Structural Transformation

Over the past few weeks, our country has borne witness yet again to the killing of Black people and ongoing protests against a system that devalues Black lives. Every day, MVLS works to reduce barriers that often result from a legal system that disproportionately denies access to Black communities and other communities of color. Just as we demand a fair system of justice, MVLS stands with those around the country who are demanding structural transformation to a system that unfairly targets our Black neighbors.

As we all work towards a fair system of justice, here are some local organizations that are actively working on reducing racial barriers:

BALT – Baltimore Action Legal Team – https://www.baltimoreactionlegal.org/
Baltimore Racial Justice Action – https://bmoreantiracist.org/
Out for Justice – https://www.out4justice.org/
Baltimore Ceasefire – https://baltimoreceasefire.com/
Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle – https://lbsbaltimore.com/
Fight Blight Baltimore – https://www.fightblightbmore.com/