MVLS Succeeds In Getting Client’s $11K Refund Released

Janice Shih, Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) Director at MVLS spoke with CNN correspondent Gabe Cohen on January 25th about problems with the IRS, most notably the delays in receiving refunds, and why it is happening. Many taxpayers have not yet received refunds from tax returns filed from last tax season. MVLS’ LITC has been helping ensure that Marylanders of limited means obtain critical funds during the pandemic including the stimulus payments and their long-overdue tax refunds. 

However, the story does not end there for client Jasmine Jones who came to MVLS for assistance with her missing refund in late November. The LITC accepted her case and reached out to the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) to learn why it was being held up. The TAS was able to determine what the issue was, saw that it had been resolved internally but that her refund had not been queued up for release. TAS put in a request for release of the refund, allowing Jasmine to receive it 3 weeks later. Had TAS and MVLS not intervened, Jasmine’s refund might still be sitting there.  

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Questions? Please contact Janice Shih, LITC Director.