“Nonprofit Legal Services Help Homeowners Struggling With Property Taxes Keep Their Homes” – By Kristen Griffith

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service’s tax sale work was featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy in an article published by Kristen Griffith on February 23, 2022. 

Here is a brief excerpt: “Elizabeth Vermillera, a retired pharmaceutical technician, spends her days handing out donated clothes and food to people in Baltimore. Since 1997, she has lived in the three-level rowhouse on East Monument Street…

‘I almost lost my house for $1,000,’ Vermillera shared.”

Read the full article here:

If you or someone you know is worried about losing your home to tax sale due to unpaid property taxes or utilities, there may be resources available to help. If you owe Baltimore City more than $750 in delinquent property tax, act now so that your home doesn’t end up on the tax sale list. 

  • For Baltimore City residents, the Water4All Discount Program aims to create more equitable access to financial assistance for eligible residents who need help paying their water bill. The W4A Program provides a monthly discount for water and sewage bills based on a percentage of a resident’s income. If a resident is receiving assistance under the BH20 program, they must apply to the new Water4All program as the city will not roll you over to the new program.
  • The Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund will help homeowners who need assistance with paying their mortgage, property taxes, and ground rent or those who need assistance with repairs or weatherization to remain in their homes. You can apply for the HAF grant for delinquent property taxes if you don’t have a mortgage. 

  • The Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit can help reduce the amount of property taxes you have to pay.  You have to apply every year. You can apply at Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit Program (