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3rd Thursday Webinar Videos

The Trust-Fund Recovery Penalty: Avoidance and Mitigation:

Every employer is legally required to remit withheld taxes to the Department of the Treasury and the Maryland Comptroller. What happens . . . when that doesn’t happen? The webinar will be presented by Stephen P. Kauffman, Esquire, a former IRS agent and CPA, with over 30 years experience in the private practice of law. Steve has seen it all, and looks forward to sharing his experience with you.


New Expungement Law – Justice Reinvestment Act

This webinar, taught by Matthew Stubenberg, the IT Director/Staff Attorney at the MVLS, covers Maryland expungement law with an emphasis on the Justice Reinvestment Act which will allow certain convictions to be expunged starting on October 1st, 2017. 

Avoiding Pro Bono Burnout

MVLS volunteer attorney Yollette Atkinson and staff attorney Ellyn Riedl will provide advice and tips for effective client management, setting boundaries, setting realistic expectations while being considerate of the numerous barriers the client has faced just to get to you, maintaining and managing contact, and managing disappointment. 

Brief Advice Clinics: Managing Clients in Crisis

Sarah Coffey Frush, Chief Attorney for Maryland and District Court Self Help Centers, will provide a webinar on advising clients in a brief advice setting. The webinar will include managing client expectations in a clinic setting, how to triage people in crisis, and how to set clients up for success after the clinic (referrals, follow up, next steps, etc).

Basic Steps Attorneys Can Take to Avoid Probate

Alice Young, an estate attorney at Nusinov Smith LLP, highlights strategies to avoid probate for yourself and your clients. These tips can be used for both paying and MVLS pro bono clients, and will be applicable to all attorneys, regardless of whether they practice estate law. Topics include life estate deeds for real property, transfer on death (TOD accounts) for financial accounts, and certificate of title beneficiary designations, a new process for transferring motor vehicles on death.

Divorce and Custody Litigation – From Start to Finish


Tax Topic Tuesday Webinar Materials

Best Practices in Filing an Offer-in-Compromise in MD

Have you needed help filing a Maryland Offer-in-Compromise? If so, we invite you to join Andrew “Jay” Maschas, Assistant Director, Compliance Division, Field Audit & Unclaimed Property, as he offers tips and techniques for filing an Offer in Compromise to the Maryland Comptroller. 

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