Baltimore City’s DPW Announces Over 75,000 Residents to Receive Water Bill Debt Relief

MVLS has been advocating for years for Baltimore City’s residents’ access to affordable water.  

On Thursday, Baltimore City announced that over 75,000 residents of Baltimore City and Baltimore County will be able to receive financial relief on their upcoming water bills. The aid will be prioritized to residents who are already participating in financial water assistance programs, like Water4All, and the State Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP). Single-family residents who live in low-income housing will be prioritized next. Eligible residents do not have to do anything to access the relief and should receive credit for outstanding water bills.  

Access to this debt relief is critical to making water more affordable for residents of Baltimore. MVLS staff are actively participating with the Baltimore Right to Water Coalition, which advocates for affordable water bills, a fair dispute process, and equitable access to decisions about Baltimore’s water system. If you or someone you know is currently seeking water assistance, please visit DPW’s website for more information on current programs.