Volunteers Who Have Taken Ten Cases or More

The following volunteers accepted ten or more pro bono cases from MVLS in FY17.  We thank them for their generosity and remarkable efforts to close the justice gap in Maryland.

A. Jean Steigleman

Alicia D. Lewis

Andrea William Trento

Anne S. Gold-Rand

Constance M. Hare

Daniel Green

Debra G. Oliver

Dontrice P. Hamilton

Frank E. Turney

Franzella Starkey

G. Adam Ruther

Gregory J. Milton

James N. Tansey

Jeffrey L. Kaplan

Jonathan Elefant

Jose Zachary Canto Greenfield

Joseph Chukla

Joseph E. Stolz, Jr.

Justin A. Williams

Laurie Hansen

Marc A. Marinaccio

Michael F. Connolly

Mitzi E. Dailey

Natalie T. Collins

Rue Stewart

Shannon A. Byrne

Shelley A. Halstead

Susan Mays

Thomas Mulinazzi

Todd W. McGibney

Yollette Atkinson.

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