Testimonial 2

What you offer is priceless. It allowed someone like me who had been challenged by life an avenue to adequately fight back.

Testimonial 5

You have no idea how much you helped me. I had given up. I thought because they were so big and I was so small I could never win.

Testimonial 4

I am able to move forward with my life and pursue dreams that weren’t possible. My volunteer attorney showed great concern for me. He showed outstanding legal representation. Thanks a bunch!

Testimonial 3

My volunteer attorney gave me strength to keep pushing to do what was best for my children and was a never ending resource for me in addition to all the hard work she put in preparing my divorce. I cannot say enough about grateful I am to her for her dedication, professionalism, compassion, knowledge and [Read more.]

Testimonial 1

First I would like to say my volunteer attorney and staff was great! They helped me through the whole process in a very professional manner. I can’t thank the MVLS enough for all you have done to get my life back on track.