The Maryland Bar Foundation and Baltimore Bar Foundation Support MVLS’ Website Redevelopment

This past fall, MVLS had the realization that our website was no longer supported. We know that clients, volunteers, and donors all rely on our site to stay in touch. More than ever, it’s a crucial vehicle to get resources, education, and training into the hands of our volunteers. So, we realized we had to make some big changes, and fast.

We are so grateful to the Maryland Bar Foundation, whose $5,000 grant allowed us to kick off the project and transform our site. The Baltimore Bar Foundation also stepped in with a $750 gift.

Maryland Bar Foundation in Partnership with the MSBA
The Baltimore Bar Foundation Inc. 1970

As we launch our new and improved site, we’re grateful to our supporters for making it possible for us to complete this unexpected but important project. Our thanks also goes to Tom at Undertow Creative for your great work on the site. We’re so proud of the result.