How to File for Expungement on MDEC

Click on the images below in order to enlarge them. You can access MDEC at:



1. Log in to MDEC with your account information.






2. Click “File into Existing Case.”





3. Click the drop down option to look through the locations. Select your case’s location and click “Search.”






4. Refer to your original case documents to verify the case information such as location and case number.







5. After choosing the location, fill in the case number.







6. On this page, click the “Actions” drop down. Then select “File into case.”




7. On this page, you’re going to fill out the filing code and provide a filing description.








8. Under Filing Code, select Petition for Expungement.








9. Fill out the Filing Description with “expungement petition fee waiver attached,” so that it is immediately apparent to the Court that the waiver has been used. 







10. Under Comments to Court, type in “Expungement Petition Fee Waiver Attached.” Next, you will upload the original court document as the Lead Document in the second circled field. The document you upload should contain the expungement petition, fee waiver, and liability waiver combined into one PDF file.







10. Clicking the Upload button under where it says “Computer,” will bring up a separate window where you can browse through your computer’s files to locate the original court document.






12. Next you’ll need to add Service Contacts. Here you will see the data laid out from your case. Next to the Plantiff’s information, there is an “Actions” drop down menu. Click this and then select “Add from Public List” to add the State of Maryland for an expungement case.







13. In order to find the correct court, search for the area of Maryland you are looking to find in the “Last Name” field. In this example, we used Annapolis in order to locate the District Court in Annapolis. Next, select the District Court for your case’s area of Maryland.







15. Scrolling down to the bottom of this page will bring you to the Fees section. Since this is pro bono through MVLS, you will use a fee waiver account. 









16. IMPORTANT: Do not pay from your own account for cases filed on behalf of MVLS – this is not a reimbursement process, but a fee waiver. If you’re not familiar with the waiver account process or you do not have this option available on your drop down, follow these directions here to get that account set up. Once this is completed, click “Save Changes.”






17. Check these boxes showing that you agree with these statements. Click the “Summary” button to continue.








18. On the next screen, you will see a summary of the information that you’ve filled in about your case.








19. If all of the information looks correct, click “Submit” to finish.







20. You will get a little notification confirming that the process is complete with the option to view your receipt. You’ll also see that under My Filing Activity, the Pending column has a little notification on it. This refers to the case you just filed through MDEC, which is now being processed. 




21. If you click on the Pending files, you can see another quick summary of your case. 







22. Shortly after, you should receive an email that looks like this in your inbox. This is a confirmation of the case you filed being submitted. You will be kept up to date through email when the case is no longer pending. You may receive a notice that service is undeliverable – do not be alarmed. This often happens because the clerk serves the States Attorney

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