Maryland Judiciary Case Search Data

Maryland Judiciary Case Search Data

MVLS uses a web scraper called Client Legal Utility Engine (CLUE) to scrape data from Maryland Judiciary Case Search. We have stripped defendant information from the information to preserve anonymity.  The data is in single .SQL files and is designed to be used in a relational database system like MySQL. If you’re not sure where to start, you can download MySQL WorkBench and install a development MySQL server on your computer.  MVLS is not able to provide technical assistance.

MVLS makes no claims as to the accuracy of the data as there can frequently be typos on Maryland Judiciary Case Search. You should always try to independently verify information or conclusions derived from this data set. Make sure you have a full understanding of how information is displayed on Maryland Judiciary Case Search before you rely on this data. Not all cases may be included in data set. For instance if the case had been expunged it would no longer appear on case search. 

You are prohibited from using this data for background searches, credit checks, attempting to ascertain individual defendant identities, or otherwise use it to the burden of any individual criminal defendant. The data is meant to be used in the arrogate by studying tends over many years.

If you would like to request CLUE access, please contact Margaret Henn at

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