MDEC and your MVLS Client

Submitting Filing Fee Waivers on MDEC

Filing fee waiver through e-filing requires that the attorney set up a second payment form on their account. Below are the steps to do that.

1. Log into your MDEC account (if you do not have one, please create one)

2. Select “Filer Dashboard”

3. Click “Actions” drop down menu from the right-side of the page

4. Select “Payment Accounts”

5. On the “Payment Accounts” page, select “Add Payment Account”

6. Under “Payment Account Name” please enter “MLSC Waiver”

7. Under “Payment Account Type,” select “Waiver”

8. The new payment account is created and available for e-filing.

9. This is the payment account you will select any time you are filing a MVLS case.

10. You l will also need to electronically file Form CC-DC-088 Statement in Support of Waiver of Prepaid Costs by Clerk.

If you have any questions or experience any issues with the filing fee waiver, please contact Margaret Henn, Deputy Director, at or 443-451-4067.

Updated: 6/09/22

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