MVLS would not be able to change the lives of thousands of Marylanders each year without our committed volunteer attorneys, and we think it's important to recognize these efforts. Below are exceptional attorneys that have been recognized over the years for truly embracing pro bono and providing access to justice for many of our clients. In addition to the award winners listed below, we're grateful for the generous volunteers who take not one, not two, not three, but ten or more pro bono cases year!  The names of these special volunteers in FY16 can be found here. 20 Year Volunteer Award Winners 2016: Constance Hare 2016: Darren Margolis 2015: Robert W. Taylor
10 Year Volunteer Award Winners 2016: Gerardine M. Delambo 2016: Stephen M. Hearne 2016: Bradley J. Swallow 2016: Laurie M. Wasserman 2015: Anthony Butler 2015: Linda Carroll 2015: Steven Cox 2015: June Dillard 2015: Laurie Hansen 2015: Alan Van Luven 2014: Kyriakos Marudas 2014: Joy Sakamoto-Wengel 2014: Frank Turney 2013: J. Allan Cohen 2013: Larry J. Feldman 2013: Susan J. Klein 2013: E. Hutchinson Robbins, Jr. 2012: Susan Mays 2012: Jason C. Ridgell 2010: Thomas R. Simpson, Jr. 2010: Elva E. Tillman 2010: Randy S. Wase 2009: Alan J. Belsky 2009: C. Christopher Brown 2009: Constance M. Hare 2009: Mary T. Keating 2009: Christopher R. Rahl 2009: Steven D. Silverman 2009: James Wiggins 2008: James W. Almand 2008: Richard M. Bader 2007: Mary Ann Ferguson 2006: Robert N. Grossbart 2006: Constance M. Hare 2006: Darren M. Margolis 2006: Erika F. Daneman Slater 2005: Alan Joseph Bloom 2005: Edwin G. Fee, Jr. 2005: Marc Robert Kivitz 2005: Frederick A. Raab 2005: William M. Rudow 2005: Mark F. Scurti 2005: Lori S. Simpson 2005: Thomas G. Slater 2004: David W. Britton, Jr. 2004: David W. Cohen 2004: Chester H. Hobbs, IV 2003: Stanley Alpert 2003: Thomas G. Bodie 2003: Neal D. Borden 2003: William C. Fanning, Jr. 2003: Laurie A. Filippi 2003: Frank P. Jenkins 2003: Leah H. Lewis 2003: Kelly Walfred Miller 2002: Andrew Bailey 2002: James Clapp 2002: Joel Fradin 2002: Robert Taylor 2002: Terri Lee Taylor 2001: Kevin Beard 2001: Deborah Dwyer 2001: Richard Gunkel 2001: Donald Hecht 2001: Richard Lynas 2000: Stanley Alpert 2000: Marc Atas 2000: Dennis Mitchell 1999: Julie Blair 1999: Benjamin Lipsitz 1998: Sally B. Gold 1998: Thomas E. Grzech Benefactor Award 2007: John Dealy Educator Award 2008: Caroline D. Ciraolo 2008: Gerald W. Kelly 2007: Sylvia Ontaneda-Bernales 2006: Maria E. Chavez-Ruark 2006: Brian A. Zemil John Michener Award 1995: Joseph Dishman 1994: The Daily Record 1993: Judith De Libera 1992: Roberta Maquire Miscellaneous Awards 2006 Pioneer Of the Year: Edward D. Groh 2007 Pro Bono Spirit Award: Matthew Mills Winnie Borden Award 2012: M. Natalie McSherry 2009: Senator Benjamin L. Cardin 2008: Winifred Borden Volunteer of the Year Award 2016: Joseph K. Githuku 2015: Natalie Collins 2014: Anne E. Higdon 2013: Sherwood R. Wescott 2012: Yollette S. Atkinson 2011: Mark Scurti 2010: Karl-Henri Gauvin 2009: Melanie Murray Mfume 2008: Colin Moorhouse 2007: Linda Carroll 2006: Kathleen T. Bailey 2005: Michael A. Canet 2002: John P. Corderman 2001: Nicole Campbell and Forensic Document Examiners 2001: J. Harrison Phillips, III 2000: Barbara L. Ayers 1999: John A. Hayes, Jr. 1997: Laurie Filippi 1995: Katharine Nair 1994: Zvi Guttman 1993: Nicholas J. Delambo Law Firm of the Year 2016: Gallagher & Hansen, LLP 2015: TBMG Law 2014: Lawyer by the Bay 2013: The Law Office of Grimm & Dorrill LLC 2012: Grossbart, Portney & Rosenberg, PA 2011: The Kennedy Law Firm, Maryland Consumer Group 2010: Mehlman & Greenblatt 2009: Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver 2008: DLA Piper US LLP 2003: Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman, Hoffberger & Hollander, LLC 2002: Miles & Stockbridge, P.C. 1998: Mehlman & Greenblatt 1997: Tydings & Rosenberg 1993: Whiteford, Taylor & Preston 1992: Piper & Marbury Partnership Award 2015: Alice Young 2016: University of Baltimore School of Law Saul Ewing Civil Advocacy Clinic 2015: David Hoskins 2014: Jose Z. Canto 2013: Jason Frank 2012: Frank E. Turney 2011: Stuart O. Simms 2009: Univ. of MD School of Law-Low Income Taxpayer Clinic 2008: Carroll Drake 2008: Washington County Bar Association 2008: The Daily Record 2007: Judges and Masters of the Circuit Courts on Lower Shore 2007: Judges and Masters of the Circuit Court for Frederick County 2005: The Daily Record 2004: University of Baltimore School of Law and University of Maryland School of Law 2003: CASH Campaign 2002: Business and Technology Division of Baltimore City Community College 2001: Barbara Trader and the Wicomico County Bar Association 2000: Michael Daigneault 1999: Consumer Credit Counseling Service 1999: Merle Turner and the Charles County Bar Associaiton 1999: The Penneysaver 1998: Carolyn P. Mathers and the Wicomico County Bar AssociationLeadership/Lifesaver Award 2009: Lawrence D. Coppel (Bankruptcy Program Support) 2001: Judges of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland 2006: James W. Sauer Special Project of the Year Award 2014: Baltimore Tax Sale Work Group 2009: The Debtor Assistance Project, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Maryland 2004: Project HEAL and the Harriet Lane Clinic of the Johns Hopkins Children's Clinic 2000: IRS Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic Tax Section of the Maryland State Bar Association 1998: Taxation Group of Venable, Baetjer and Howard 1997: Circuit Court for Baltimore County 1995: Tax Section, Maryland State Bar Association 1994: Cecil County Bar Association 1993: Wicomico County Bar Association 1992: Bankruptcy Bar Association
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