Welcome Margaret Henn, Director of Program Management

In mid-October, Margaret Henn joined the MVLS team as the new Director of Program Management. This role was created to replace that of the Deputy Director, held by Susan Francis until her promotion to Executive Director on October 1, 2019. Margaret is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our pro bono programs. This includes recruiting and supporting volunteer attorneys and community partners.

Now settled into the position, Margaret is heavily involved in many areas of program execution. Volunteers may have already e-mailed or spoken with her, watched her facilitating a webinar, or seen her out and about representing MVLS!

“I can say that I am truly inspired by the work of our amazing staff and volunteers. In my short time here, I have already witnessed many volunteers going above and beyond for their clients”, she shared. In addition to general volunteer management, Margaret will oversee the growth of the My Home, My Deed, My Legacy campaign, which advocates for older adults to stay in their homes, prepare their estates, and pass them down to the next generation. Estate planning is slowly becoming recognized as a cornerstone of the effort to preserve affordable homeownership in Baltimore City, while allowing residents to build intergenerational wealth. “Margaret’s prior work with clearing the title of clients’ homes and elder law issues will make her an asset to our successful My Home, My Deed, My Legacy campaign and Advance Planning Project,” said Susan Francis.

Margaret will also be overseeing MVLS’ Judicare Project, which provides funding to legal services providers throughout Maryland. Through the Project MVLS recruits experienced family law attorneys who will accept contested family law cases for a reduced fee. Family law attorneys interested in learning more about this program should please reach out to Margaret.

Margaret expressed, “I look forward to working with you and getting to know all of our volunteers better. Please feel free to reach out anytime.” You can contact Margaret by email or at 443-451-4067.