What Is Ground Rent?

If you are unfamiliar with ground rent or wanting more information on the subject, you have stumbled across the right place. MVLS has just published a factsheet on Ground rent to help you understand this process. Ground rent is a situation in which you own your home, but someone else owns the land on which your home sits. This sounds rather odd, owning the house, but not the land. Essentially, ground rent is a lease agreement for the use of the land your house sits on. Like other lease agreements, you are required to make regular and timely payments of ground rent in accordance with your lease agreement.

It is important to know whether you owe ground rent. Maryland law requires that ground lease owners register ground rent leases on SDAT’s Ground Rent Registry to be legally collectible. You can search for Ground Rent Registration here: RealProperty/Pages/default.aspx. Please check the registry to make sure your property has a ground rent lease. Failing to make the payments on a ground rent lease could result in a collections lawsuit or foreclosure on your home.

If you have decided to redeem your ground rent, the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation recently simplified the steps. First, determine if the ground rent exists and whether it is redeemable/irredeemable. Second, notify the Ground Rent Owner (via both certified mail return receipt requested and another letter by first-class mail to the last known address) that you intend to redeem the ground rent on your home through the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. The application needed to redeem ground rent can be found here: Ground Rent (

If you want assistance with redeeming your ground rent apply to MVLS for assistance.